LOH 99 Nights 2, Singularity, Toy Story 3 Reviews

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Duration: 7:42

99 Nights 2 360 P7G7D5S6T6.25
OK visuals, meh voice acting, liked the Japanese language option though.
I like the playing a this type of game in a fantasy world as appose to feudal Japan.
Destroying all the enemies to unlock gates happens way too often and it gets really annoying when you have to hunt down the lost straggler.
Disjointed story you have to piece together.
Enemies can cancel your abilities and you still have to wait for the cooldown.
Poisoned area very annoying because it was very easy to get knocked into and you never make it out in time.
Very poor checkpoint system, you can easily loose fifteen plus minutes. I hate lost time and this happen a lot in this game. That's why I stopped playing after four hours.

Singularity PC P7G7D7S7T7
Ok video and audio, oddly enough no subtitles which was troubling.
There are some low texture issues.
There are no maps or waypoints.
The level direction was also not that great.
The pacing in general starts to get rather long winded.
The weapons and abilities are actually kind of cool.
I did liked silent protagonist and story as a whole.

Toy Story 3 PC P8D7G7S7T7.25
Has the visuals, humor, and charm of the movies.
I liked the open world toy box.
Decent story campaign missions.
Platforming gets a little cumbersome at times.

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