Meow Wolf Santa Fe 3D Virtual Reality Tour

Meow Wolf Santa Fe 3D Virtual Reality Tour

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#MEOWWOLF #360 #VIRTUALREALITY For Oculus or Cardboard ATTN: this video is Stereoscopic 3D and is designed to be watched with a 3D VR viewer like Oculus or Google Cardboard. Watching this in regular 360 mode will cause you to see much larger stitching lines as only the frame for the left eye is used to make the sphere. Stereoscopic 3D filmed with this vuze 360 films with 2 lenses per side to simulate how your eyes see depth perception. Then it divides it into two separate frames for the stitching. Click the little cardboard icon to switch to the view. These shots are great because Meow Wolf was almost completely vacant because of the Covid Pandemic. I passed by the same 5 year old many times. & every time the kid is tripped out by me and my fancy 360 Camera. 🔴 URGENT: YouTube won’t show you my NEW videos UNLESS you
This was filmed using the Vuze 360 3D Stereoscopic CAMERA. Meow Wolf encourages people to film everywhere in their adventure museum so I didn't think they'd have a problem with me releasing this video. Meow Wolf Santa Fe House of Eternal Return is the cutting edge of interactive art installation. It's kinda lie a children's museum for adults. On special nights Meow Wolf does immersive theater. Meow Wolf has also built a venue space in Las Vegas called AREA15 Go to their website for more information:

interactive art installations have become increasing popular of the years, propelled by interest in festival culture and burning man.
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2021-07-21Meow Wolf Santa Fe 3D Virtual Reality Tour