More Contracts! Ghoulpit & Helltrain Scream Fortress 2022 TF2 Livestream!

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Team Fortress 2
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Hey everybody! This morning, I'm going to be returning to an old classic, Team Fortress 2! In this stream, I'll be primarily playing the 6 new maps added in the latest Scream Fortress XIV update, and attempting to complete all the primary and bonus objectives for all the contracts associated with the new maps. This should be fun! ;)

I am attempting to not only play through, but complete over 6k different games, archiving the full series right here on this channel. 100% walkthroughs, blind livestreams, reviews, guides, mods, and so much more! Your support keeps me going and is very much appreciated, but of course never required. I do this for a living as the budget allows, and thanks to ad revenue and donations, what was once a dream is now an incredible reality. :)

I've created a channel membership program named Tea Squad +, in order to provide some extra goodies to those who want to support the channel financially! The program offers great perks for becoming a member including getting to join in multiplayer games during streams, access to members-only polls about upcoming productions, cool badges next to your name that grant you guaranteed political power and a few other things too.

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Here is a link to my list of all the games that will be featured in upcoming completionist-themed walkthrough series on the channel, as a part of our Rise to the Top style content!

(fair warning, the list is 94 pages long at the time of this writing)

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