Off Cam - Blockstorm - Cube Free For All

Off Cam - Blockstorm - Cube Free For All

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Hello and welcome to Off Cam as it new series I will explain Off Cam is a series where I will do off camera work like fixing stuff up or quickly sorting stuff but instead I am going to do some of those times throughout the week with a little Off Cam talks so please enjoy if you do like if not dislike also please tell others who you think will enjoy this.

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Blockstorm is a FPS game set in a world made of destructible blocks.

The voxel nature of characters and maps and the in-game editor allows you to fully customize your game and quickly share your experience with other players.
You are free to create your own maps and characters from scratch or to customize existing ones. You can edit weapons too.

All maps and characters included in the game are made with the same tools that are available to the public.