Paladins YouTuber Plays TF2 For The First Time!

Paladins YouTuber Plays TF2 For The First Time!

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Team Fortress 2
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Welcome back to another video! I am a YouTuber who primarily uploads hero shooter content. I make daily Paladins content, and I've also made a long series where I tried to learn and play Overwatch for the first time! But I have yet to try the granddaddy of the hero shooter genre, which is Team Fortress 2! TF2 is over 10 years old, and was the inspiration for both Paladins and Overwatch - two games that I love. But is Team Fortress 2 as good as these other games? Does it still hold up to its more recent counterparts? Let's find out!

0:00 - Intro
1:09 - Tutorial
7:05 - Bot Match
18:26 - Match 1
33:54 - Match 2
40:17 - Conclusion

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Team Fortress 2 Let's Plays By AndrewChicken

2021-10-08Paladins YouTuber Plays TF2 For The First Time!

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