PC Longplay [796] Orion Conspiracy

PC Longplay [796] Orion Conspiracy

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WywGVRM8FHg

Duration: 2:31:17
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Played by: Eino

P&C adventure in a space station, developed by Divide By Zero and released in 1995.

Orion Conspiracy was released after Guilty and before The Gene Machine. Compared to Guilty, UI is patched. What I like most about this game is the attempt at character oriented approach. More conversations with characters and not as much flying around in different environments to solve meaningless item puzzles. Worst thing is the most overused and hence boring (murder mystery) adventure game plotline. Throw an alien conspiracy in the mix to justify "suspense" and "action", when most of the game loops same gray corridors over and over and over...