Poppy Game: Survival Challenge Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)

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Enjoy super amazing combination of Huggy Poppy game characters and survival doll in old classic Korean games: Red Light Green Light, Candy carving, Tug of war, Glass bridge, Marble playground, Ddakji Paper flip.

If you're looking for your favorite fun and addictive Poppy Horror character, it's Playtime for you to get start in this Poppy Game: Survival Challenge game!

Play the role as Huggy the seeker or 456 player. As 456 player, you will need to find your safe and sound shelters to be the last survior. Don't let Huggy and other players find out where you are and catch you. Hide at anywhere you want away from the seeker's vision range. It will be so much fun!

Let's start your endless survival journey with Poppy Game: Survival Challenge!

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