Sims 4 Beds and Breakfast Speed Build No Cc On Ps4

Sims 4 Beds and Breakfast Speed Build No Cc On Ps4

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Sims 4 Beds and Breakfast Speed Build No cc, on the ps4. This bed and breakfast will be used in my Eco Lifestyle Lets play: here is episode 1.
If you enjoy doing Cas:
I would love for you guys to create a family to run this business and if you could say what kind of menu they want i'll add them to my Let's play. Tag #LusshBAndB in the Gallery so i can find your founders and add them to my world, i'll announce the deadline in my next Eco lifestyle video or on Twitter.
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*Monday- Stranded deep and or Sims 4 speed Build. Possible 2 uploads
*Wednesday- Sims 4 lets Play
*Friday-Sims 4 Lets Play.
*Youtube Live stream Sunday and tuesday, Depending on the game.
I may have random spare uploads too.

Thanks to KrypticTMG For the beat/music
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