Surge of Memories (Extreme Demon) by TMNGaming [Geometry Dash]

Surge of Memories (Extreme Demon) by TMNGaming [Geometry Dash]

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Actually, the level itself is really unique and wonderful, which means it deserves to be called as a well-made level. However, when it comes to player's position, the statement alters, like not that good to play in terms of several disadvantages of the whole gameplay. It's entirely extremely unbalanced, which is only first-half based, especially the ship part right before the drop. 0~40 was pretty consistent but the ship at 40% wasn't. I kept dying at the ship tens of times and I also kept making odd deaths after the drop which also made me pretty mad. Although the drop is pretty enjoyable, starting from 0 comes quite boring so I wanna say to those who are going to try this to think once again with totally beating this level. Learning progress comes really enjoyable but the real attempts don't. Still it's an excellent level, I guarantee. Really love it!

Enjoyment: 56/100

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Outro Song: 동방휘침성 - 환상 정유리
(Double Dealing Character - Illusionary Joururi)

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Surge of Memories (Extreme Demon)
Level ID: 41594507
Song: Tisment & ColBreakz - Silent Storm (ID: 738126)

Attempts: 2674
Hardest Parts: 40~47%
Worst Fail: 79%
Current Placement: ~119
Personal Placement: ~116

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2021-07-22Surge of Memories (Extreme Demon) by TMNGaming [Geometry Dash]

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