TF2 June 2021 Update Cosmetics Review

TF2 June 2021 Update Cosmetics Review

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Team Fortress 2
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Dom quickly reviews all the new cosmetics added to Team Fortress 2 from the update dated June 22nd, 2021. This was unscripted and rough.

The cosmetics featured: Ballooniphones, Manndatory Attire, Brim of Fire, Reel Fly Hat, Hook, Line, and Cinder, Water Waders, Sightliner, Snack Stack, Two Punch Mann, Wild Brim Slouch, Crocodile Dandy, Crustaceous Cowl, Fast Food, Meal Dealer, Fried Batter, Roaming Roman, Panisher, and Thousand-Yard Stare.

Unususal effects featured: Fragrancium Elementalis, Perennial Petals, Raspberry Bloom, Iridescence, Resonation and Stunning.


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2021-06-25TF2 June 2021 Update Cosmetics Review

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