The ship docked at Sanur Beach looks beautiful sky - Bali Beach Timelapse #short #shorts

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The ship docked at Sanur Beach looks beautiful sky - Bali Beach Timelapse #short #shorts

Update the situation of Bali Tourism Objects today. Kuta is a tourist attraction that must be visited by tourists when they come to visit Bali. Kuta offers the best sunset beauty on the island of Bali, so Kuta Bali is very famous for its crowds and is a barometer of the hustle and bustle of Bali tourism. but now the tourist attraction of Kuta is starting to be gradually abandoned by tourists because other tourist attractions such as Canggu, Seminyak and Melasti Beach in Unggasan continue to improve and add supporting facilities so that tourists are satisfied during their vacation.

Kuta Bali tourist attraction must clean up and get out of the impression of slums and too much garbage on the beach. but in this video @Mbahgembus is very surprised by the progress of Kuta Bali today,

Follow the journey of the bali vlogger @Mbah Gembus and watch his unique video until it runs out:

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Hopefully Bali will be more crowded !!!

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-0001-11-30The ship docked at Sanur Beach looks beautiful sky - Bali Beach Timelapse #short #shorts

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