They Are Here Demo | UFO Alien Abduction | Indie Horror Game

They Are Here Demo | UFO Alien Abduction | Indie Horror Game

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PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Short but pretty sweet. Love the sounds effects.

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Unexplained phenomena occurred at Grayswood Farm. On the night of August 7th, the Sherman family witnessed bright lights in the sky that moved at a breakneck speed over the cornfield. The lights moved in a random direction and at different speeds, after a while they vanished. This strange behaviour in the sky was observed at night, at the same time, for 5 days.

According to the owner of the farm, all the animals went crazy, the dog became aggressive, tried to attack him and bit him. Children complained that someone was walking under their windows. Farmer Peter Sherman himself, in the field, saw a strange figure that did not look like a man.

What is it? Deliberate deception? Drawing attention to oneself? Or a sensation about an alien invasion? Journalist Taylor Fox travels to Grayswood Farm to make a photo report for a local newspaper.

• Explore. Light the path with a torch. Look into dark barns and cruise the night fields.
• Take pictures. Photograph the evidence of alien presence and paranormal activity.
• Study. Find the records of the Sherman family and learn the horrifying truth.

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