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Vertigo likes to go fast, low and kick some dust. Inspired by Mike Patey's "Turbulence", she has the same blood running through her veins: the legendary PT6A 850HP turbine engine. Add to that a 6 bladed constant speed prop plus a composite airframe and you've got a competitive racer.

Vertigo runs on jet fuel, holds a world record-breaking 380kts top speed (single engine turbo prop), can climb at 8000fpm and rolls at 150 degrees per second.
She can go vertical right after take-off and still accelerate. Or cruise great distances in comfort and style.

At her core you'll find a heavily retrofitted JMB VL-3, an ultralight and fully composite experimental aircraft able to withstand g-forces of +15/-8.

Pilot, fasten your harness. And welcome to the world of Vertigo!

Pratt & Whitney 850HP PT6A-42a turbine
6-bladed 6-foot constant speed composite MT propeller
16 professionally designed sporty liveries and interiors
31,000ft service ceiling
1200nm range at 320kts
Upgraded tanks (2 x 50 gallons)
Upgraded VL-3 fuel selector: now also has "Both" besides Left, Right and Off
Pressurized cabin
Upgraded suspension and brakes
Powerful flaps able to serve as speed brakes too
Fantastic ground handling
Windshield de-icing
Fully simulated electrical system
If you have the WT G3X mod you will also get:

Automatic Flight Control System (Autopilot)
Automated Pitot Heat

Vertigo comes with 100% carefully crafted custom lights: a powerful volumetric main landing light, 6 cool landing spots on the wings, 3 double strobe lights, navigation lights and stylish NVFR cockpit lighting. All her cameras have been redone as well be it Quickviews, Instrument views or External views. The VR camera too has been optimized for the most immersive experience possible.

In addition, several hundred hours have gone into developing and testing her flight model, which has been created from scratch. JMB factory data has been used to create the most accurate geometric model possible, verified and complemented by virtual wind tunnel results.

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