Video Game Social Media in the 2000s! (Jon's Watch - Videoverse)

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Today I'm taking a look at Videoverse!
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"Relive the days of past social gaming networks in VIDEOVERSE, a decision-based narrative adventure focusing on character development, friendship and love, from the developer behind One Night Stand.

As Emmett, a young video game fan and aspiring artist, dive into this fictional video game era, where the Kinmoku Shark gaming system and its online social network, Videoverse, were still popular. Strengthen Emmett’s friendships, share fan art and browse the lively gaming communities. Make decisions that will change how Emmett grows, his approach to Videoverse and, ultimately, the final outcome!

Will your actions help Videoverse thrive, or will you get caught up in teenage drama, video game fandoms and corporate conspiracies?

Relive the Days of Retro Gaming
VIDEOVERSE is inspired by Miiverse, MSN messenger, early internet forums and 00’s technology. The chill soundscape of the Kinmoku Shark, composed by Clark Aboud (Slay the Spire, Kind Words), will uncover memories of your favourite retro gaming consoles.

Browse Videoverse
Meet a huge cast of characters, unlock multiple side stories, enjoy the pixel doodles, and seek out the truth behind the troubled social gaming network! Personalise your Videoverse experience by choosing your avatar, personal quote and favourite theme.

Join Feudal Fantasy Fans
Accompany Emmett as he plays the Kinmoku’s Shark’s most popular JRPG, Feudal Fantasy. Swap theories and discover tips from other FF fans in its exclusive Videoverse community…and find out whether or not Hanzo will be able to stop the evil Nobunaga!

VIDEOVERSE contains several accessibility options:

Clear Font
Closed Captions
Colourblind Friendly Themes
Content Warnings
Sound, Music and Voice Volumes
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