When a VTuber Reacts to League of Legends

When a VTuber Reacts to League of Legends

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFR6SFtPRUk

League of Legends
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Dragon Virtual YouTuber Kasai reacts to Run It (ft. Cal Scruby & Thutmose) | Official Lyric Video | All-Star 2020 - League of Legends. What's some VTuber content you want to see?

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About Run It (ft. Cal Scruby & Thutmose) | Official Lyric Video | All-Star 2020 - League of Legends:

Introducing the League of Legends All-Star 2020 anthem. Inspired by epic ganks, EZ smurfs, and LoL’s biggest pros and wildest personalities.

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