Top 100 Most Controversial Videos

This list represents YouTube gaming videos organized by the lowest rating (dislikes minus likes); in other words, the most controversial videos. These include video game reviews, "Let's Plays", and other video game content. Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily.

ChannelVideo TitleRatingLikedCategoryGame
1.United States PewDiePieCan this video get 1 million dislikes?-3,872,7905.97%
2. Call of DutyOfficial Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer-3,244,91213.64% Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
3.United States RiceGumHow Many Dislikes Can This Video Get?-1,348,8385.56%
4.Czech Republic Misha / Mishovy silenostiPOKEMON GO SONG!!! by MISHA (FOR KIDS)-977,78533.51% Pokémon Go
5. NFLPepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show-919,62011.30% Show
6.United States DiabloDiablo Immortal Cinematic Trailer-726,3273.91% PreviewDiablo Immortal
7.United States RiceGumReacting to IDubbbz's Content Cop on Jake Paul-611,22020.81%
8.United States RiceGumMy Response to Content Cop (Diss Track)-487,36433.63%
9.United States NetflixDear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix-376,08111.78%
10.Argentina RobleisIUTUPARTICIPÉ EN EL VIDEO CON MAS DISLIKES DE YOUTUBE - Robleis-332,20110.75%
11.United States DiabloDiablo Immortal Gameplay Trailer-309,8847.29% PreviewDiablo Immortal
12.United States RiceGumOfficial iDubbbz Content Cop Diss Track-288,80838.53%
13.Brazil VivoViver é a melhor conexão-278,3803.78%
14.Panama WindyGirkTVEL RUBIUS ME DISCRIMINA?! QUIERO SABER!-270,9987.92%
15.Chile CNN ChileRespuesta a Luisito Comunica: Lo sentimos-210,48014.67%
16.United States EeOneGuyВАТАФФФ-206,43534.47%
17.Panama WindyGirkTVLO QUE PASÓ CON RUBIUS EN EL E3-184,26510.90%
18.Sweden BattlefieldBattlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer-181,15739.63% PreviewBattlefield V
19.United States Extra CreditsStop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits-174,1466.86%
20.United States RiceGumRiceGum - Frick Da Police (Official Music Video)-173,05046.43%
21.United States DramaAlertUpdate: LEAFY EXPOSED for Subbotting #DramaAlert SCARCE vs KEEMSTAR - Part 2-152,94513.82%
22. DisneyFirst Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance | Disney-141,4058.25%
23. WismichuSPIDERMAN and ELSA play FIDGET SPINNER and sing FINGER FAMILY SONG (Family-friendly content)-136,67237.90%
24.United States FBEDo Teens & College Kids Think Seinfeld Is Funny? | Does It Hold Up?-131,2938.97% Show
25.United States RiceGumTheOdd1sOut Roasted Me For No Reason-131,17637.71%
26.United States CowbellyFor Every Dislike I'll...-129,0796.21%
27.Brazil AM3NlCNERF DE PAPEL HIGIENICO ‹ EduKof ›-128,45029.71%
28.Panama WindyGirkTVLA PERRA SEGUÍA Y SEGUÍA CON RUBIUS-122,13820.11%
29.Panama WindyGirkTVRoast Yourself Challenge - WindyGirk-121,36839.73%
30. IGNMetal Gear Survive Official Trailer - Gamescom 2016-121,30214.38% PreviewMetal Gear Survive
31.United States Disney ChannelTrailer 🎥 | Kim Possible | Disney Channel Original Movie-117,94321.05% Preview
32.United States RiceGumThis YouTuber is Lying To You (H3H3)-113,97132.81%
33.United States KinoCheck InternationalTHE EMOJI MOVIE Teaser Trailer (2017)-113,31310.70% Preview
34.United States RiceGumWhy Everyone In China Hates Me...-110,95835.07%
35.United Kingdom Ali-AR.I.P. CALL OF DUTY!-108,02025.97% Call of Duty
36. moviemaniacsDEThunderCats Roar | official Announcement trailer (2019)-106,4996.65% Preview
37.Mexico RoierEsto pasa cuando le metes tantos dislikes a un video de FORTNITE-104,44511.28% Fortnite
38.United States Ray William JohnsonZEBRA HICKEY - Garfunkel and Oates Video-104,16224.49%
39.France SiphanoPOUCES ROUGES !-102,4904.22%
40.United States Sony Pictures EntertainmentTHE EMOJI MOVIE - Official Trailer (HD)-100,01021.72% Preview
41.Germany LUCAAn den Club-99,93721.31%
42.United States DramaAlertWe got it wrong. - I'm sorry & will do better.-99,52425.01%
43.Panama WindyGirkTVREACCIONANDO A MEMES DEL RUBIUS Y YO-98,77312.22%
44.Panama WindyGirkTVIMITANDO BAILES DE FORTNITE!-89,24626.15% Fortnite
45. 東海オンエア口が悪すぎる友達を隠し撮りしてみた結果...-88,45420.68%
46. H3 Podcast HighlightsPewdiepie vs T Series-88,04925.50% Show
47.Panama WindyGirkTVENTRÉ A UN TORNEO Y ME VALE V#RGA LO DE FORTNITE-86,8287.12% Fortnite
48.United States DramaAlertLEAFY EXPOSED for Subbotting #DramaAlert Marina Joyce & Comedyshortsgamer !-86,34826.57%
49.United States NintendoNintendo 3DS - Metroid Prime: Federation Force E3 2015 Trailer-83,48110.31% PreviewMetroid Prime: Federation Force
50. DejiDEJI REACTS TO THE END - SIDEMEN DISS TRACK REPLY (Official Music Video)-82,45135.26%
51.United States DramaAlertLeafy Vs Bashur #DramaAlert Youtuber Caught SEXUALLY TOUCHING FANS!-81,78127.39%
52.United States VoxWhy the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty-77,45023.71%
53.Panama WindyGirkTVTODOS MERECEN BAN por WINDYGIRK-74,30520.56%
54.Turkey Minecraft EviDİSLİKE SAVAŞLARI (BU VİDEOYA DİSLİKE ATIN) Diss To : B.Ç !-71,6184.44%
56. WismichuBOCADILLO-70,69643.48%
57.Finland LakkoTÄMÄ ON SUOMEN VIHATUIN VIDEO!!-70,31612.82%
58.United States VICE NewsJordan Peterson Is Canada's Most Infamous Intellectual | VICE News Full Interview (HBO)-70,19713.19% Infamous
59.United States DramaAlertJoeySalads Insensitive BOMB Prank VID #DramaAlert Onision Unverified! Lionmaker!-69,12023.71%
60.United States Bethesda SoftworksCreation Club for Fallout 4 & Skyrim Special Edition – E3 Announce Trailer-67,7585.06% PreviewThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
61. DejiDeji x Jallow - No L's (Official Music Video)-65,96235.33%
62. Robert StormsOscars Goes Full WOKE.....Parasite Wins BEST PICTURE!!!!-69,5991.98%
63. Electronic ArtsCommand and Conquer: Rivals – Official Reveal Trailer-64,7705.31% PreviewCommand & Conquer: Rivals
64.Finland LakkoFORTNITE - VIDEO-64,2144.27% Fortnite
65.United States RiceGumFrick Da Police Official Lyrics & Meaning (Diss Track)-64,12943.94%
66.United States McJuggerNuggetsPsycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle-61,40628.77%
68. KAM777ch【公式】パチスロ「メタルギア ソリッド スネークイーター」ティザーPV (METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER)-60,2432.61% Metal Gear Acid
69. PlayStationCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare - "Ship Assault" Gameplay Trailer | PS4-59,60928.66% Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
70.United States NintendoNintendo Switch Online - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch-58,28516.99%
71.Panama WindyGirkTV¡YA BASTA DE HUMILLACIONES!-58,13129.00%
72.United Kingdom TheSyndicateProjectHOLY CRAP!-57,0818.20%
73.United States SernandoGTA 6 Early Unboxing! Playing GTA 6 Early!-56,01938.86%
74.Canada theScore esportsWhy the OK Hand Sign is Not OK and Blizzard Got it Right-55,0705.26%
75.United States DramaAlertSSSniperWolf ARRESTED! #DramaAlert CashNastyGaming - The Slow Mo Guys 9/11-54,60327.63%
77. VANOMASМОСКВА ВЫБОРЫ 2018-53,9091.99%
79.Turkey Batuhan ÇelikBU VİDEOYA LÜTFEN DİSLİKE ATIN!-53,60511.73%
80.Korea, Republic of 우주마켓싫어요 1만개 찍힌 영상 본 일반인 반응-53,3622.94%
81.United States DramaAlertBoogie2988 Channel DELETED! #DramaAlert FaZe Rain SCAMMING Fans? - Superwoman HACKED, Nudah!-53,01926.09%
82.United Kingdom MorgzI Got Roasted by PEWDIEPIE... 😱😡 *My Response*-52,53632.90%
83. PlayStationLife of Black Tiger - Preview Trailer | PS4-52,43617.63% Preview
84.United States SSundeeSHOULD I FINALLY CUT MY HAIR?!?-53,01539.00%
85.Germany AviveHDWER BIN ICH!? - mit Papa (Dislike Rekordversuch)-51,8566.73%
86.United States VoxThe math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers-50,99733.49%
87. GameSpotBattlefield V - Official Reveal Trailer-50,81736.85% PreviewBattlefield V
88.Brazil MinguadoMINGUADO VIROU MENINA!!!-49,37144.34%
89.Panama WindyGirkTVVAN A CERRAR MI CANAL...?-48,56220.20%
90.Canada MattSheaTHANK YOU MR. TRUMP! - Passpartout #5-47,93012.50% Passpartout
91.United Kingdom Total WarTotal War: WARHAMMER - Chaos Warriors – In-Engine Cinematic Trailer [ESRB]-46,2977.87% PreviewTotal War: Warhammer
92.United States Pat the NES PunkDiablo Mobile Angers Gamers - #CUPodcast-45,4982.96% ShowDiablo
93. IGNHow Many Dislikes Can This Video Get? - Up At Noon-44,1114.19%
94.United States Ray William JohnsonAND THE NEW HOST IS...-43,52434.43%
95.Panama WindyGirkTV¿POR QUÉ ME ODIAN?-43,49116.50%
97. KONAMI公式[Official] METAL GEAR SURVIVE: TGS 2016 GAME PLAY DEMO | KONAMI (PEGI)-42,49313.26% Metal Gear Survive
98.United States CNETKickstand fail: Watch the Nintendo Switch fall flat-42,1333.52%
99.United States Tyrone MagnusGradeAUnderA Response-41,76816.04%
100. Deep SilverMighty No. 9 Trailer: Masterclass-41,59810.46% Mighty No. 9