Top 100 Most Liked Videos

This list represents YouTube gaming videos organized by the highest rating (likes minus dislikes); in other words, the most liked videos. These include video game reviews, "Let's Plays", and other video game content. Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily.

ChannelVideo TitleRatingCategoryGame
1. MrBeastWould You Fly To Paris For A Baguette?39,403,954
2. Ed SheeranEd Sheeran - Shape of You (Official Music Video)31,985,748
3. MrBeastGiving iPhones Instead Of Candy on Halloween28,626,888
4. MrBeastMake This Video The Most Liked Video On Youtube27,936,948
5. Lucas and MarcusRevenge 😂25,933,870
6. MrBeastThe Rock Vs MrBeast For $100,00023,912,898
7. Ed SheeranEd Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)20,096,664
8. Joe PorterFamous Music from a lot of Percussion Instruments! #shorts18,275,290
9. Jake CejaThe World's Strongest Chef17,855,645
10. Mks.VisionHow to transition pt.3 #shorts #tutorialmks17,464,912Tutorial
11. MrBeastI Sent a Subscriber to Disneyland17,252,349
12. Choco Gaming #rkRESPECT Shorts🔥|| motivational sence || #motivation #viral #respect17,120,722
13. MrBeastKatana Vs Bullet16,865,380
14. MrBeast$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!16,857,072
15. Major Lazer OfficialMajor Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official Music Video)16,754,698
16. Alani JSenator Sharif Street was happy to get drawn by Alani J… but did he like the sketch?16,578,544
17. MrBeastGordon Ramsay Tries Most Expensive Chocolate Bar!15,861,759
18. Lucas and MarcusWater bottle flip challenge15,673,305
19. Matt LaroseClimbing to 1M Subscribers 🏆15,587,502
20. MrBeastI NEED 1 MORE SUBSCRIBER18,653,991
21. Alvaro de LinaresPedida de mano Sorpresa💫ID:JanelleFlom#anillo#pedida Alvaro de Linares influencer españa#shorts14,836,425
22. Ed SheeranEd Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Official Music Video)14,762,883
23. Matt LaroseThe TIC TAC TOE Drop 🎯 VS @NickPro14,499,192Tic Tac Toe
24. Lucas and MarcusTHIS WAS SCARY!! 😂14,160,188
25. Jordan MatterBUSTED BY SECURITY For Taking A Photo? #shorts14,131,446
26. Fajah UnoMizkif *SHOCKED* because Emiru did this… 😱14,040,215Super Mario 64
27. The ChainsmokersThe Chainsmokers - Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey13,678,189
28. Alan Chikin ChowHIGH SCHOOL FANFICS BE LIKE 📝💔13,659,654
29. Ricky BerwickBOTTLE TRICK13,595,022
30. BeatboxJCOPPerfect lesson #beatbox #tiktok13,573,916
31. MrBeastWould You Pet a Cheetah in Africa?13,522,470
32. Daddy YankeeDaddy Yankee & Snow - Con Calma (Video Oficial)13,441,954
33. invisible superAmong Us Heroes play Squid Game - part 1 #shorts13,245,990Among Us
34. LSToastDADADADADADADA #Shorts #BeatSaber13,136,816Beat Saber
35. LilNasXVEVOLil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus13,082,993
36. PewDiePiebitch lasagna12,858,953
37. Domino effect simulation DudeBig Domino Effect V2 #shorts12,837,210Domino Effect
38. BeatboxJCOPSound effects of Hungry shark! #beatbox #tiktok12,723,559
39. LilNasXVEVOLil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Video) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus12,675,950
40. ISSEI / いっせいISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 KARATE 黒帯天使 | ISSEI Best TikTok February 2022 Part 55 #shorts12,556,983
41. RaulD33We had a solid stick at the end! #stickit12,553,761
42. The ChainsmokersThe Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down (Official Video) ft. Daya12,534,931
43. Easy EverythingI am a rider | rank pushing ft. Mr.bean | when grandmaster player meet hacker 😱 | freefire12,518,315Garena Free Fire
44. MrBeastWould you go on a Blind Date in Italy?12,481,934
45. Alan Chikin ChowLOVE or MONEY? 💸❤️ (PART 2)12,338,396
46. Jake FellmanMinecraft RTX 54% SAVE THE SPIDER #Shorts12,331,703Minecraft
47. Alan Chikin ChowCOUPLE GOALS GONE TOO FAR... 😬12,273,374
48. Lucas and MarcusSORRY… 😂12,255,578
49. DUDU e CAROLExperiência de Cores 🌈12,130,027
50. MrBeastTipping A Waitress A Car11,865,718
51. BeatboxJCOPIt works!!! #beatbox #tiktok11,831,808
52. حسونة - Hassoneتحدي حفظ الصوت 😂 حسونة صدمنا 😅11,754,721
53. MrBeastDo Men Lie About Their Height?11,738,043
54. BeatboxJCOPCactus vs Beatbox #beatbox #tiktok11,600,257
55. SMOLSometimes children do adult things || Brother and sister ! #SMOL # SHORTS11,517,962
56. MrBeast 2Solve this Mystery, Win a Lamborghini13,331,153
57. Alan Chikin ChowLOVE or MONEY? 💸❤️ (PART 3)11,198,150
58. PigPongWait for it... 🤯11,135,702Minecraft
59. Alan Chikin ChowLOVE or MONEY? ❤️💸 (PART 4)11,106,925
60. Dushyant kukrejaYou can’t build a long term future on short term thinking ~ Dushyant Kukreja #shorts11,069,348
61. The Kid LAROI.The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - STAY (Official Video)10,961,424
62. LilNasXVEVOLil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)10,951,666
63. Klem FamilyBeach Money Ball!!💵🌊💵10,920,021
64. Alan Chikin ChowSCI-FI FANFICS BE LIKE 👽10,811,364
65. Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto VI Trailer 111,465,417Grand Theft Auto VI
66. BETER BÖCÜKHe Just Wanted to Love (PART 3) #shorts10,752,788
67. ox_zung 원정맨Sigmama #sigma #oxzung10,687,971
68. MrBeastI Traded My Car At a Red Light10,590,960
69. Matt LaroseTape Layers Vs Flip Precision 🎯10,563,771
70. The ChainsmokersThe Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Lyric)10,554,875
71. MrBeast$100,000,000 Car Doors11,066,099
72. Alan Chikin ChowBRAVE MOM RESCUES HER FAMILY 🔋❤️10,524,114
73. MrBeast 2$10,000 Girl Scout Cookies11,101,057
74. PewDiePieCongratulations10,465,337
75. ISSEI / いっせいISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 with Inosuke🔥10,432,849
76. Dushyant kukrejaAmerican 🇺🇸 Vs Indian 🇮🇳 Who is best ? || Instagram Tiktok || Dushyant Kukreja #shorts #ytshorts10,380,826
77. mercuri_88Mercuri_88 Shorts - Baloon lover10,161,623
78. Sagawa /さがわSagawa1gou funny video 😂😂😂 | SAGAWA Best Shorts 2022 #shorts10,122,007
79. VK GamerI Found A Mystery Box On Road 🤩#freefire #shorts #viralshorts10,106,772
80. SMOLKnowledge is more important than money || MOBILE GAME ADS BE LIKE #shorts10,085,789
81. Paula Wolf Shorts OfficialPaulas Makeup Mix 2021 😍💜9,950,757
82. MrBeast1,000 Blind People See For The First Time9,936,860
83. Ethan Funny FamilyBest Shopping with my Mom 🤪🤣 #shorts by Ethan Funny Family9,923,855
84. BeatboxJCOPCactus vs Beatbox #beatbox #tiktok9,845,309
85. BRAX GAMINGये क्या बना दिया ? 🤯 | #facts #ytshorts #shorts9,740,499
86. SMOLDo you sometimes waste money on stupid things? || MOBILE GAME ADS BE LIKE #shorts9,719,076
87. MrBeastI Ate The World’s Most Poisonous Fish9,717,275
88. Lyrical LemonadeEminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Directed by Cole Bennett)9,642,304
89. MrBeastSpot The Hidden People For $10,00010,913,558
90. PewDiePieYouTube Rewind 2018, but it's actually good9,615,315
91. GOLD MANIAMelting and making a new bangle 💥💥❤️ | Beautiful Bangles v169,608,894
92. Smart Ideas(Life hacks)Shredder Machine #shorts9,590,190
94. Alan Chikin ChowSCI-FI FANFICS BE LIKE (PART 2) 👽9,550,249
95. Jaden SprinzSquid Games in Real life! #shorts9,548,730
96. Alan Chikin ChowZOMBIE FANFICS BE LIKE 🧟‍♂️❤️9,526,760
97. Dental DigestThe World's Largest Toothbrush!! #shorts9,493,934
98. Dushyant kukrejaDoctor 👨‍⚕️ vs Engineer 👨‍💻 ~ Who is best 😂 ~ Chocolate Heist ~ Dushyant Kukreja #shorts9,469,746
99. MrBeastI Buried Treasure in the Bermuda Triangle9,431,470
100. Sonyakisa8 TTHow to trim your cat`s claws 💅9,409,728Guide