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Ghost FGC is a content creator on YouTube with 117 subscribers, publishing 286 videos which altogether total roughly 143.01 thousand views.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2024-02-06FEH: Emblem Marth True Solos his own BHB (Abyssal)3:15493Fire Emblem Heroes
2024-01-04FEH Abyssal Camilla LHB: NY Nerþuz True Solo2:05304Fire Emblem Heroes
2024-01-01FEH Infernal S & K: Diamant True Solo0:5997Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-12-15FEH: Winter Edelgard Crashes Her Own Party (Infernal M & E True Solo)1:0430Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-12-15(FEH) WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT POWERCREEP: Winter Byleth and Dimitri do True Solos of Abyssal G & K6:45257Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-12-08FEH Infernal Validar GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:3347Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-11-27FEH Infernal C & E BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:2034
2023-11-10FEH Abyssal Veyle MHB: Ninja Zelgius True Solo3:52365Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-11-08FEH Abyssal Nanna LHB: L!Dimitri True Solo1:22108Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-11-07FEH Abyssal Shez LHB: L!Dimitri True Solo2:1037
2023-11-06Return of the "Doesn't Count" King: Remixed L!Dimitri True Solos Abyssal Veyle MHB (FEH)3:3150
2023-11-01FEH Infernal A & T BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:0128Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-10-18FEH Infernal Marla GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:0358Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-09-24FEH Infernal F & N BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:40127Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-09-16FEH Infernal Arion GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:36221Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-09-02FEH Infernal A & C BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:2931Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-08-31FEH Abyssal Alear (F) LHB: Lucia True Solo2:06298Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-08-18FEH Infernal Cyril GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:4375Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-08-14FEH Abyssal Dimitri LHB: Lucia True Solo2:1333Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-28FEH Abyssal Lilina LHB: Lucia True Solo1:3336Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-28FEH Abyssal Freyr MHB: Lucia True Solo2:43858Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-27FEH Infernal E & L BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:3816Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-26FEH Infernal Zephia GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo1:2516Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-26FEH Remix Abyssal Dumpster Dive: Lucia True Solos Altina + Tiki3:0610Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-13FEH Abyssal Hel + Ullr MHBs: Lucia True Solos3:1220Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-13FEH Abyssal Guinivere LHB: Lucia True Solo2:4357Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-07-04FEH Infernal T & N BHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:2625Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-06-14FEH Infernal Murdock GHB: Fallen Byleth (F) True Solo2:3551Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-06-14FEH Lucia True Solo Marathon: May 2023 LHB Season Rerun Abyssals10:4925Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-06-13FEH Abyssal Hinoka LHB: Lucia True Solo2:178Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-06-05FEH Remix Abyssal Dumpster Dive: Lucia True Solo Train May 20237:3028Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-05-11FEH Infernal Linus (Fallen) GHB: Nerþuz True Solo1:4015Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-05-11FEH Lucia True Solo Marathon: April 2023 MHB Season Rerun Abyssals14:01104Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-04-29FEH Abyssal Nerþuz MHB: Lucia True Solo2:1978Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-04-18FEH Infernal Cornelia GHB: Embla 1 Turn Clear (true solo)0:54141Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-04-14FEH Lucia True Solo Marathon: Mar. 2023 LHB Season Rerun Abyssals13:0030Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-04-14FEH Abyssal Yuri LHB: Lucia True Solo2:4314Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-03-14FEH Remix Abyssal Dumpster Dive: Lucia True Solo Train Mar. 202313:3868Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-03-14FEH Lucia True Solo Marathon: Feb. 2023 LHB Season Rerun Abyssals14:1635
2023-03-14FEH Abyssal Robin LHB: Lucia True Solo2:5744
2023-02-25FEH Infernal L & A BHB: Alfred True Solo1:4419Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
2023-02-25FEH Remix Abyssal Dumpster Dive: Lucia True Solo Train Feb. 202315:00125
2023-02-19FEH: Lucia vs. Ludveck (Infernal GHB True Solo)2:15384
2023-01-24FEH Abyssal Dagr MHB: Embla True Solo1:4335Fire Emblem Heroes
2023-01-24FEH Infernal Lumera GHB: Alfred True Solo2:0429
2023-01-08FEH Abyssal Shez LHB: Embla True Solo3:59228Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-12-22FEH Infernal C & A BHB: Legendary Veronica True Solo2:5337Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-12-16FEH: Embla True Solos Her Own BHB (Abyssal)4:28621Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-11-26FEH Infernal F & B: Rearmed Líf True Solo1:3219Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-11-19FEH Infernal Matthis GHB: Dagr True Solo0:3738Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-11-15FEH Abyssal Yune MHB: Rearmed Líf 1-Turn Clear (true solo)1:23147Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-11-05FEH: Eitri Finally Loses It (Abyssal T & E BHB True Solo)4:2266Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-11-01FEH Abyssal Arval MHB: Rearmed Grima True Solo (no special)3:53147Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-26FEH Infernal H & C BHB: Arcane Grima True Solo2:17165Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-18FEH: Rearmed Grima Crashes the Valm Arc (Certvantes Infernal True Solo)2:18247Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-10FEH Abyssal Mila MHB: Eitri True Solo2:4625Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-10FEH Abyssal Xander LHB: Eitri True Solo2:2027Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-09FEH Abyssal Byleth (F) LHB: Eitri True Solo5:2252Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-10-01FEH Abyssal Xander LHB: Shez (M) True Solo4:0181Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-29FEH Abyssal Ninian LHB: Dagr True Solo3:5896Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-24FEH Infernal S & M BHB: Rearmed Líf True Solo2:0633Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-21FEH Abyssal Julia LHB: Shez (M) True Solo4:2767Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-21FEH Abyssal Sothis MHB: Shez (M) True Solo4:1240Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-21FEH Abyssal Julia LHB: Rearmed Líf True Solo2:2637Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-19FEH Abyssal Sothis MHB: L!Dimitri Turn 1 Clear (true solo)1:4137Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-19FEH Infernal Holst GHB: Shez (M) True Solo1:4283Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-17FEH Infernal Holst GHB: Rearmed Líf True Solo1:3335Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-09-01FEH Abyssal Deirdre LHB: Dagr True Solo3:2252Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-08-21FEH Infernal Jeralt GHB: Dagr True Solo0:57153Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-08-03FEH Infernal J & N BHB: Legendary Xander True Solo1:1538Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-08-01FEH Abyssal Dimitri LHB: Lucina True Solo4:4749Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-07-20FEH Infernal Brigand Boss GHB: Lucina True Solo1:0924Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-07-05FEH Infernal M & M BHB: Lucina True Solo1:0435Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-06-14FEH Abyssal Myrrh LHB: Bramimond True Solo5:08104Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-06-09FEH Infernal Limstella GHB: Eitri 1-Turn Clear (true solo)0:38112Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-06-03FEH Infernal S & E BHB: Lucina True Solo1:0094Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-06-01FEH Abyssal Dagr MHB: Lucina True Solo (FINALLY)4:32185Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-31FEH Abyssal Myrrh LHB: Dagr True Solo5:40139Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-11FEH Infernal Muarim GHB: Gharnef True Solo2:3553Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-07FEH Abyssal Medeus MHB: Bramimond True Solo7:2637Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-05FEH Infernal L & A BHB: Ascended Joshua True Solo1:2620Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-04FEH Infernal Hilda GHB: F!Dimitri True Solo1:17178Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-04FEH Infernal Sonia GHB: F!Dimitri True Solo1:0658Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-05-04FEH Infernal Sonia GHB: Ascended Joshua True Solo1:1525Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-26FEH Infernal G & M BHB: Ascended Joshua True Solo1:0482Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-20FEH Infernal Salem GHB: F!Dimitri True Solo (auto)0:2386Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-11FEH Abyssal F & T MHB: Dagr True Solo3:4642Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-10FEH Abyssal Sothis MHB: Dagr True Solo3:13108Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-10FEH Abyssal Caeda LHB: Dagr True Solo3:5631Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-10FEH Abyssal Leif LHB: Dagr True Solo2:2067Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-10FEH Abyssal Fae LHB: Dagr True Solo3:1834Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-03FEH Infernal T & E BHB: Niime True Solo1:5619Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-03-02FEH Infernal Caeda LHB: Ascended Joshua True Solo2:2425Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-19FEH Abyssal Naga MHB: Niime True Solo3:0791Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-19FEH Infernal Gonzalez GHB: Niime True Solo (autobattle)1:5041Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-13fire emblem heroes eitri solo abyssal hector (NO REINFORCEMENT) (OP UNIT SHOWCASE)0:51137Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-12FEH: Dagr True Solos Abyssal Hríd, Naga, Hector LHB/MHB5:1818Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-12FEH Abyssal Yune MHB: Dagr True Solo3:5212Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-08FEH Infernal I & J BHB: Valentine's Lucina True Solo1:56374Fire Emblem Heroes
2022-02-08FEH Abyssal Claude LHB: Thórr True Solo3:3577Fire Emblem Heroes