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About DeNice1776

Console ID: DeNice1776 || Steam ID: Xiang Kasugano

Heya, watchers. I'm DeNice & I have various videos of entertainment here, from fighting game playthroughs to music links to "other things" for select audiences.

This was a MUGEN channel in years past, then became a source of some random playthroughs and versus videos of the games I played from my catalog. This channel is a lot more niche & low-key nowadays, but still has a range of random content coming on it; whatever suits my interests (like my mirror girl fascination & light ryona).

You can expect mostly casual (& odd...) stuff here on my video lists. Note that I no longer play competitively due to sour attitudes and not being willing to keep up with the high skill level anymore. However, I do like playing online for fun.

Overall, I just like doing my own thing and having a good time since that's what games are for; fun... and yes, I favor the females in fighting games, in case you haven't noticed yet.

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