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A Goomba stuck between two pipes, with nothing to do...other than play some games of course!

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Super Mario Bros Movie - The Lonely Goomba
Did you know there was already a Mario Movie? Did you know that it's also really really weird? Like...Bowser is a guy in a suit and Goomba's...
2018-09-03 7:23:02 AM ● 39,945 views ● 14:42 99.23% liked
Ask Goomba #6 (ft. Nathaniel Bandy)
Well, it's been a while, but Ask Goomba is finally back...huzzah. With our good chum Nathaniel Bandy to help us out. What's not to like? Splashscreen...
2018-08-04 12:45:07 PM ● 21,462 views ● 7:39 99.24% liked
E3 2018 is rapidly approaching, and the hype is building up! So now's as good a time as any to look back on Nintendo's history and laugh at their...
2018-05-29 9:07:41 AM ● 67,000 views ● 15:40 97.36% liked
Sonic is back, with a new edgy game! Seems like the game is pretty divisive, but what will the ol' Goomba think of it? Time to find out!
2018-05-13 12:58:22 PM ● 156,651 views ● 14:26 97.92% liked
Mush Ups have returned with a tribute to one of the best games of the year... Celeste! (what do you mean you've never heard of it!?)
2018-04-25 2:03:36 PM ● 21,737 views ● 6:20 95.93% liked
Celeste (2018)
After a 5 month gap, The Lonely Goomba is back! And this time he has a nice new shiny Switch! Our boy LG has officially entered the 21st century....
2018-04-17 2:43:17 PM ● 121,099 views ● 10:49 97.77% liked
Mario has spent his entire life chasing Peach. But it's time to ask ourselves? Should he move on? Support the show:
2017-12-02 8:28:02 AM ● 318,299 views ● 8:01 96.38% liked
Lonely Goomba has been promoted from lowlife minion to Bowsers head-chef! Movin' on up in the world! Only problem is, he can't cook...
2017-11-13 4:40:04 PM ● 87,205 views ● 7:49 99.08% liked
Upon waking up from a supposed 'coma', the Lonely Goomba finds himself inside Bowsers Castle. But how? And why? Featuring the lovely Chase Face...
2017-09-07 4:33:20 PM ● 104,317 views ● 11:09 98.83% liked
Sonic Mania + Twenty One Pilots = ??? Welcome to Mush Ups, a place where I mash up some tunes to pass the time. Note: This is not replacing Lonely...
2017-08-26 5:35:01 AM ● 45,584 views ● 2:06 94.49% liked