Aotter Girls: Girl's Tech Talk

Aotter Girls: Girl's Tech Talk

Taiwan, Republic of China
Taiwan, Republic of China

Aotter Girls: Girl's Tech Talk is a Taiwanese YouTube content creator with over 1.03 million subscribers. His content totals approximately 240.82 million views views across over 3.18 thousand videos.

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About Aotter Girls: Girl's Tech Talk

Aotter Girls is a group of girls fascinated by technology.

You can check out our unboxing and reviews of the latest consumer electronics from girl’s point of view and see how we play mobile and console games via PS4 or PSVR…etc.

You can get the interesting tech news in girl’s perspective and also, you can learn the hidden tips in your iPhone, Android phones and laptops or whatever we find out to make your daily life more interesting and convenient.

We update every Friday, Saturday, and anytime we find funny tech-things!! Subscribe us now, and you won't miss any fun tech ever!

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