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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan からつけあっきぃ303,022,255
2.Japan おかりん /OkarinGames246,566,954
3. ティラミスちゃんねる151,791,883
4.Japan ななとGames129,912,421
5.Japan Hanjou Channel109,068,649
6.Japan ぐさお / Gusao108,959,227
7.Japan HikakinGames98,625,414
8.Japan べにの実況85,338,398
9.United States ZackScottGames72,994,434
10.Japan TheYutake(ゆーたけ)71,311,583

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States Youji2,820
2.United Kingdom Squid, Kid, Salmonid2,252
3. いずみしチャンネル1,918
4. MultiSt3p1,852
5. さだそん1,692
6.Japan TAKOYAKHI1,631
7.Canada MehHat1,457
8. 裏切りマンキーコングイカタコCh1,444
9.Japan Hanjou Channel1,411
10.United States Wood Bottle Games1,405

Latest Let's Plays For Splatoon 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-06-01Australia LozzaCookieHelping My Teammates While Using The Jetpack Special To Splatting A Couple Players (Splatoon 2)0:27225
2024-05-29Canada FlagmanSPLATOON 2 OCTO CANYON PLAYTHROUGH - DAY 1!2:19:1372
2024-05-13 MrTempoSpeedyPikmin playthrough soon! (Splatoon 2)4:2484
2024-05-04 TGBDArchives (AndyManTGBD's Twitch VOD Channel)Lets Play Nights: Splatoon 2 (Switch) - (Game #262) - Full Playthrough8:03:0127
2024-04-12United States NidoMarquisThe Octo Expansion Ending I waited 5 years to see | First Playthrough Finale1:42:22147
2024-04-01 Danominator[YTP] @ChipRedStar Plays SplolpS 2 For 6000 Hours Straight [VOLUME WARNING]2:42122
2024-03-28 Danimally VGMBest VGM 724 - Splatoon 2 - Endolphin Surge3:165
2024-03-21 Cha Chingo ChristianoEndolphin Surge - Splatoon 2 OST4:152
2024-03-15United States AetherNightmareSplatoon 2: Octo Expansion ☆ 8 ☆ Bust & Run Station1:13:5117
2024-03-04Italy GianniSplatoon 2 - Ep.1 - Avampolpo Tentacolo38:053
2024-02-28Mexico LPS LuPoSplatoon 2: Octo Expansion|| Fly Octo Fly (Remix/Cover) || LPS LuPo2:5637
2024-02-27Canada ThePoltergust5000Let's Play Side Order [5]: We Still Don't Know What To Do About ORDER1:31:0617
2024-02-23 WizardON GRIMPE LES ÉTAGES ! (Let's play Tour de l'Ordre #3)28:25127
2024-02-21United States Happy Little Gamer🔴SIDE ORDER WAITING ROOM! Splatoon 2 with YOU + Some Unfinished Business in OCTO EXPANSION!2:12:44330
2024-02-21United States AshSplatoon 2 Story Mode Live LP (10)(Finale) - Final Boss and the Hero Weapon Replicas2:26:1390
2024-02-20 GameXplodeOcto Expansion in prep for Side Order! Splatoon Octo Expansion Full Playthrough2:34:4081
2024-02-15Italy Nintendo HallTomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft (Nintendo Switch Gameplay) Let's Play(ENF Nude Mod)22:19116
2024-01-04France NonaudEUH.. NUMERO 3? | Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion - Episode 7 (FIN)37:38118
2023-12-29 TheLEGObrickA 100% Playthrough of Splatoon 2 Story Mode, Part 2: Yeah like, I could and should play this more?2:39:1655
2023-12-01United States SkySpiral7 Let's playLet's play Splatoon 2 Octo 36 - even if it takes 100 attempts1:02:0251
2023-11-17United States [CO] Matt Epicness Of GamingLet's play splatoon 2 final part27:5134
2023-11-14Germany Lorenor WheelsEndlich!!!! Ich hab die neue Playstation Portal0:105,085
2023-09-20Canada HaneOdori 2Splatoon 2: SalmonRun Playthrough | [Part #3] | Mr. Grizz Still keeping This Place Alive1:01:250
2023-09-13United States StormwindGamesSplatoon 3 - Single Player - 100% Playthrough - Part 5629:122
2023-08-25 KenKnowsSplatoon 3 Players Don’t Respect Their Elders @Alphastar716 | New Splatoon kits, Playstation Portal16:355,402

Latest Reviews For Splatoon 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-05-01United States RetroGamer ReviewsThe Best Joy-Cons For Nintendo Switch- NYXI Hyperion Pro Unboxing and Review - RetroGamer Reviews10:271,096
2024-03-02 Activator's Media ReviewsSplatoon 2: Octo Expansion Review | Activator’s Media Reviews4:028
2024-02-28 さくらあん / SakuraAnne【Switch】プロコン・ジョイコンの充電スタンド | PowerA コントローラー・チャージングベース | Unboxing + Review7:463,162
2024-01-21United States PringlesonSplatoon 2 (2017) Game Review10:063
2024-01-16Egypt 3afrotto Gamingswitch game needs to play (splatoon 2) #nintendocharacter#splatoon20:4726
2023-12-11United States PotatodanNintendo Switch Clip Review8:5742
2023-10-11United States ProChara Vod DumpVod Reviewing The Best Range And Brella From A Major Tourney45:205,061
2023-09-05 UnspecifiedVODSDrizzle Season [2023] Review (2)51:5743
2023-08-21United States thetuckerlyfeUnleash Colorful Chaos A Splatoon 2 Review1:3713
2023-05-10 Dosney GamingIs Splatoon 2 worth it in 2023? - full game review5:501,115
2023-04-21United States SUMMER TOON LINKSplatoon 2 Playing With reviews And Frends58:3479
2023-04-11 🍦Fairy Vanillette🍦(💗Splatoon 2 Drawing💙): Reviewing Pearl & Marina! ( Subscribe, Like, Comment, & Share! )0:1627
2023-01-06United States GlitchedCactusGOODBYE 2022! Cactus Year In Review Montage!4:0547
2022-12-26United Kingdom Octocam and friendsoctocam reviews brian jackson58:0476
2022-12-24 OctoGamer2011Splatoon 2 Splatfest Tee Review2:2810
2022-12-17 CARTOONS AND STUFF333Splatoon 2 review: part one5:0050
2022-11-26Canada MiscErisSplatfest Replay Reviews | November 20222:06:074
2022-11-18Australia Lachie LNThe End of an Era | The Legacy of Splatoon 21:06:17575
2022-11-15United States RoXolid ProductionsThe BEST Switch OLED Handheld Experience Is HERE | Fixture Gaming S20:36979
2022-11-13Canada Turn-Based HorrorFresh Off the Hook || Splatoon 2 (Switch) Review10:3544
2022-11-01United States Fries101ReviewsFriesPlays: Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC #17 (Finale) - Commander TarTar (Fries101Reviews)29:1043
2022-10-11Spain XYZ ReviewsXYZ REVIEWS | Las cifras del Game Pass | Programa de Videojuegos1:17:59103
2022-09-24United States The CompletionistSplatoon 2 | The Completionist21:13151,093
2022-09-23United States TotemPoleJoeOcto Expansion | The Journey Through14:4123
2022-09-18 Rowie~Splatoon 2 Review1:2253

Most Viewed Splatoon 2 Video on YouTube

The most viewed Splatoon 2 video on YouTube is SPLATOON 2 in the HOUSE! Paintballs EVERYWHERE! (FGTEEV Mom vs. Dad vs. Chase) with 43,954,877 views, published by United States FGTeeV on August 5, 2017.

Most Liked Splatoon 2 Video on YouTube

The most liked Splatoon 2 video on YouTube is SPLATOON 2 in the HOUSE! Paintballs EVERYWHERE! (FGTEEV Mom vs. Dad vs. Chase) with 271,614 likes, published by United States FGTeeV on August 5, 2017.