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Hey! My name is KingdomAce! But everyone just calls me Ace!

This channel revolves around everything Nintendo, anime and JRPGS! So if you're into Zelda, Smash Bros., Stein's;Gate, My Hero Academia, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy and more, then you've found the right place!

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You Can Miss THESE Cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Missable Cutscenes
In the Final World of Kingdom Hearts 3, there's a moment before you hunt down over 100 Soras, you encounter a bunc hof strange looking Stars....
2019-02-11 1:58:15 PM ● 17,372 views ● 20:27 94.39% liked
These Secrets in KH3 Are HUGE! | KH3 Secret Reports Analysis
After completing the main story of Kingdom Hearts 3, immediately afterwards throughout the many worlds of the game strange "Battle Portals"...
2019-02-03 3:00:19 PM ● 46,291 views ● 29:21 93.24% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 - SECRET MOVIE Reaction! - Discussion/Speculation
With Kingdom Hearts 3 FINALLY being released, the story concludes with the SECRET MOVIE called "Yozora". I've decided to react to it...
2019-01-31 9:15:51 PM ● 10,214 views ● 9:22 95.61% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Master Xehanort's PLANS in Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Theory
Here's a pretty informal video on the topic of Master Xehanort's plans in Kingdom Hearts 3. Throughout the dev cycle of KH3 we've been told and...
2019-01-22 1:58:49 PM ● 2,124 views ● 22:07 96.74% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Here's Why Aqua ISN'T "Norted" |  KH3 Theory
Awhile back during the summer of 2018, at E3 we saw for the first time Aqua's new "Norted" form, and since then the term "Aquanort"...
2019-01-15 1:57:41 PM ● 4,195 views ● 4:29 96.39% liked
Everyone Could DIE In KH3, and Here's Why | KH3 Theory
Death in the Kingdom Hearts series is generally not thought about as the only deaths we've had to go through were that of our enemies and characters...
2019-01-11 1:58:13 PM ● 7,034 views ● 6:19 97.48% liked
The Floaty Combat Debate | Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Combat Be Worse Than KH2?
The other day on Twitter, the KH Community exploded over the debate on whether or not "floaty" combat in KH, specifically for KH3 is...
2019-01-08 1:54:53 PM ● 14,917 views ● 7:07 91.49% liked
Everything To Know About Kingdom Hearts 1 | Story Summary
With Kingdom Hearts 3 rapidly approaching, we're finally in the month of it's release. With that being said, many are still desperately trying...
2019-01-04 1:58:18 PM ● 971 views ● 7:01 95.40% liked
Kingdom Hearts
Let's Play
Here's Why Xion RETURNS in Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Theory
KH3 GIVEAWAY!: There were a few points I honestly missed in this video, that being: 1.) She's...
2018-12-21 11:58:15 AM ● 6,521 views ● 5:29 97.81% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 – Final Battle Trailer Reaction | KingdomAce
A few hours ago, Square decided to release the Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battle Trailer a day before the original time so here it is! KingdomAce's...
2018-12-17 8:56:31 AM ● 3,386 views ● 5:53 97.76% liked
Kingdom Hearts III