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No Name Game - Update New MudFlap and Working Dump
This is a game that I am making and I have no clue when it will be done! No clue what it will be called! I will sell this game for around $5...
2018-12-12 7:07:17 PM ● 534 views ● 3:10 93.55% liked
The Crew 2 new demolition derby car
one car I didn't test out the other cars that was added This is a very short vid it don't show much. The game is https://thecrew-game.ubisoft.com/the-crew-2/en-us/news/152-340712-16/demolition-derby-crashes-into-the-crew%C2%AE-2-on-december-5...
2018-12-05 10:50:05 PM ● 83 views ● 0:20 85.71% liked
The Crew 2
The Crew 2 (2018)
Farming simulator 19 - 6x6 4500 Rolling Coal Dynamic Smoke!
This is something That I have been working on I don't know what this will be, this truck can all wheel steer and or crab steer! This truck will...
2018-12-05 9:42:29 PM ● 269 views ● 3:09 96.30% liked
Farming simulator 19 - Ford F450 Platinum Hauling + Towing
This is the first trailer that has and uses it own vehicle type and the truck is something like a Ford F450 Platinum or something. These mods...
2018-11-29 3:44:56 PM ● 1,404 views ● 33:30 73.97% liked
Farming simulator 19 - super six diesel brothers truck build only 6 hours in
super six diesel brothers truck build only 6 hours in to this build did it on the fly and don't have much time on these builds so I do my best...
2018-11-26 10:29:38 PM ● 1,072 views ● 8:49 92.86% liked
Farming simulator 19 - New Moon Visor Build and Massive Load Turbo diesel!
I made this moonvisor for my truck builds. Hauling a big load with the chevy 4500 fully loaded with logs and pulling a logging pitts semi trailer!...
2018-11-25 11:44:57 PM ● 1,138 views ● 8:09 96.61% liked
Farming simulator 19 New Sounds + Rock Crawling 4500 6x6 Turbo Diesel!
So I did the load sound and then I went back and fixed it to sound better. doing some rock Crawling at the end. The Custom 6x6 Chevy 4500 for...
2018-11-24 6:00:34 AM ● 626 views ● 4:48 100.00% liked
Farming simulator 19  - Getting wood in the Custom Chevy 4500 6x6 Turbo Diesel!
The Custom 6x6 Chevy 4500 for farming simulator 19! Mp Hauling and off roading with this beast of a truck! Just some work I have done to get...
2018-11-24 2:26:56 AM ● 703 views ● 18:16 96.15% liked
Farming simulator 19 - Custom Chevy c4500 6x6 Turbo Diesel!
The Custom 6x6 Chevy 4500 for farming simulator 19! Just some work I have done to get to know more about the code in fs19. I will have way better...
2018-11-23 5:44:03 PM ● 4,550 views ● 12:42 96.72% liked
LumberjackSimulator game time-lapse demo
This is coming along very and I want to think http://lumberjacksimulator.com/ for letting me show this off! skidding trees, cutting and all that...
2018-11-20 12:59:04 PM ● 2,054 views ● 3:42 92.00% liked