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Spread positivity, not hate. Never bully others because you think it is "cool" or "funny". Not everything is a "joke", if you say something mean, calling it a "joke" is a weak excuse. Never say something you wouldn't say to someone's face. You are not better than everyone, we are all humans and we all have unique talents and abilities. Don't get caught up in your self. Don't EVER be the reason someone wants to h*rt th*mselves. Stay humble, stay true. Hating doesn't make you look cool. Don't get ahead of yourself. We are all human, let's treat each other like humans. Keep an open mind. Don't be so judgemental, just have fun in life. You only have one life to live, this one. It is short too. Enjoy it. Don't waste it making other people's lives miserable. That doesn't make you cool, it will just make you more miserable in the long run.

If someone is hurting you, never let them get away with it. No one deserves to be hated on, everyone is human. Let' treat each other better okay?


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