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About ChaseFace

I'm a voice actor who makes videos about video game analysis and anime.

My mic was expensive.

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Klonoa: The Saddest Game Ever Made (Analysis/Tribute) - ChaseFace
I've wanted to review Klonoa for many years, but I could never find the opportunity. After going through a lot of loss and depression recently,...
2018-07-18 3:22:42 PM ● 66,725 views ● 47:29 97.11% liked
Why YouTubers Aren't Your Friends (Ramble) - ChaseFace
In this ramble video, I talk about the disconnect between YouTubers and their audiences and give some advice on how to get noticed by some of...
2018-05-25 5:06:44 AM ● 18,271 views ● 28:42 92.80% liked
Kirby Star Allies: Rush Review (ChaseFace)
I played Kirby Star Allies back in late March and wanted to talk about how the game is pretty good! Just a quickie since I'm focusing on other...
2018-04-18 9:00:08 AM ● 12,028 views ● 5:17 97.53% liked
Kirby Star Allies
Monster Hunter World is Basically Perfect
I played Monster Hunter World for an extensive amount of time and came to the conclusion that I can never play any of the previous games ever...
2018-03-05 2:51:41 PM ● 240,976 views ● 10:14 96.04% liked
Why I'm Fully Erect for Monster Hunter World
Boner jokes are funny, but all jokes aside, I'm insanely excited for Monster Hunter World and I'll be streaming the game on Twitch when it releases...
2018-01-23 9:07:08 PM ● 97,555 views ● 6:24 97.48% liked
Inuyashiki Review - Otaku Time! (ChaseFace)
I took a look at the recently-aired anime Inuyashiki and talk about what I liked and disliked. Hope you enjoy! ► Patreon:
2018-01-15 12:36:39 PM ● 10,647 views ● 8:49 91.22% liked
The Evil Within Sucks (But The Sequel is Better)
In the aftermath of The Evil Within 2, I revisit the original game that everyone forgot about for good reason and explain all the things a survival...
2017-12-24 2:02:14 PM ● 194,316 views ● 34:36 86.46% liked
Cuphead's Elitism is Here To Stay - Ramble
In this unscripted video I ramble about why I think Cuphead's aggressive "lol u mad bro? git gud" playerbase is in the right for a...
2017-10-13 8:05:18 PM ● 37,145 views ● 11:44 92.99% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Why I'm Done with Overwatch - Ramble
At the end of a week-long cold, I complain about why I don't like Overwatch as much anymore. I worded myself kinda poorly so I apologize if I...
2017-09-25 11:56:43 PM ● 123,652 views ● 22:47 75.88% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Death Note Netflix Discussion (ft. YourMovieSucksDOTorg) - Ramble
I wanted to talk about how much I disliked Adam Wingard's Netflix adaptation of Death Note, but it would mostly be me complaining about the anime...
2017-09-02 11:06:34 PM ● 78,734 views ● 1:51:34 96.69% liked