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About ChaseFace

I'm a voice actor who makes videos about video game analysis and anime.

My mic was expensive.

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Why I'm Fully Erect for Monster Hunter World
Boner jokes are funny, but all jokes aside, I'm insanely excited for Monster Hunter World and I'll be streaming the game on Twitch when it releases...
2018-01-23 9:07:08 PM ● 88,286 views ● 6:24 97.53% liked
Inuyashiki Review - Otaku Time! (ChaseFace)
I took a look at the recently-aired anime Inuyashiki and talk about what I liked and disliked. Hope you enjoy! ► Patreon:
2018-01-15 12:36:39 PM ● 5,922 views ● 8:49 93.78% liked
The Evil Within Sucks - ChaseFace
In the aftermath of The Evil Within 2, I revisit the original game that everyone forgot about for good reason and explain all the things a survival...
2017-12-24 2:02:14 PM ● 20,297 views ● 34:36 93.83% liked
Cuphead's Elitism is Here To Stay - Ramble
In this unscripted video I ramble about why I think Cuphead's aggressive "lol u mad bro? git gud" playerbase is in the right for a...
2017-10-13 8:05:18 PM ● 27,989 views ● 11:44 92.61% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Why I'm Done with Overwatch - Ramble
At the end of a week-long cold, I complain about why I don't like Overwatch as much anymore. I worded myself kinda poorly so I apologize if I...
2017-09-25 11:56:43 PM ● 100,776 views ● 22:47 73.76% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Death Note Netflix Discussion (ft. YourMovieSucksDOTorg) - Ramble
I wanted to talk about how much I disliked Adam Wingard's Netflix adaptation of Death Note, but it would mostly be me complaining about the anime...
2017-09-02 11:06:34 PM ● 73,755 views ● 1:51:34 96.71% liked
The Horrifying Paranoia Agent: Otaku Time! (ChaseFace)
Today I review one of my favorite psychological horror anime series, Paranoia Agent, by the great & late Satoshi Kon. I hope you'll check...
2017-08-30 1:21:30 AM ● 15,203 views ● 12:20 98.99% liked
Sonic Mania Ramble: More Sonic Content, Baby! (ft. Battle Athlete)
I had to do a podcast on the excellent Sonic Mania, and I decided to get my SEGA-obsessed friend Cliff (Battle Athlete) to talk about it with...
2017-08-24 5:12:33 PM ● 16,997 views ● 2:03:57 97.92% liked
Sonic Mania
Sega Genesis
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Review: Otaku Time - ChaseFace
I checked out the anime Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and it was alright! I go into detail over what was good and what was bad. But overall,...
2017-08-18 1:15:37 AM ● 9,991 views ● 8:37 95.28% liked
Pokemon RBY: What Happened? (Part 1) - ChaseFace
I analyze/reminisce about Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (Gen 1) and talk about the nostalgia I had as a kid while still judging it fairly. I also freak...
2017-05-26 8:55:27 PM ● 22,890 views ● 29:51 97.38% liked