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Me doing Let's Plays of games of my past as well as other video games, old and new.

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Main LP 1 - Ultima VIII (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Main LP 2 - Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking Mirror (Tues/Thurs/Sat)
Replay Sunday - Stonekeep (Two videos Sunday)

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Let's Play Ultima VIII #38: Seeking the Sorcerers Once More
Now that the Avatar has gained a second piece of blackrock we've done all we can on Argentrock Isle. Staying there would serve no purpose, not...
2018-01-19 3:00:04 AM ● 270 views ● 20:04 97.14% liked
Let's Play Broken Sword 2 #15: Gaining Entrance to the Museum
George has traveled a long way to get to Ketch's Landing only to discover that the museum where he could find clues about the stone is closed...
2018-01-18 3:00:00 AM ● 378 views ● 21:38 97.62% liked
Let's Play Ultima VIII #37: Solving the Problem and the Final Test
This video contains closed caption subtitles for the voice acting within the game. If you would like to see those please turn on close captions...
2018-01-17 3:00:03 AM ● 238 views ● 25:32 100.00% liked
Let's Play Broken Sword 2 #14: Exploring Ketch's Landing
While Nico is off to England in search of one the stones, George is exploring the Caribbean island that Ketch retired to after his stint as a...
2018-01-16 3:00:01 AM ● 516 views ● 21:13 97.73% liked
Let's Play Ultima VIII #36: A Problem Arises
Now that we have all the silver need to make the foci for the magic of Stratos, we're one step closer to becoming stronger then the titans. Ideally...
2018-01-15 3:00:04 AM ● 1,285 views ● 21:43 96.63% liked
Let's Replay Stonekeep #27: The Second Floor of the Feeding Grounds
With the clan halls saved from the threat of the mummy we can move on to explore the second level of the feeding grounds. You can explore some...
2018-01-14 3:00:12 AM ● 1,181 views ● 24:59 100.00% liked
Let's Replay Stonekeep #26: Helping the Dwarves
Where once there were three dwarves, Drake now has only one as a travelling companion. Karzak Hardstone may not be as talkative as Farli but...
2018-01-14 2:30:00 AM ● 1,233 views ● 22:45 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Let's Play Broken Sword 2 #13: Curing Nico
We're so close to getting the root we need to cure Nico and yet one more obstacle remains, gaining an audience and actually asking for the root....
2018-01-13 3:00:06 AM ● 1,139 views ● 21:15 100.00% liked
Let's Play Ultima VIII #35: Seeking Ore
We've managed to make it to the rank of initiate among the theurgists in record time, though considering how quickly we became the scion of the...
2018-01-12 3:00:02 AM ● 1,399 views ● 20:27 98.18% liked
Let's Play Broken Sword 2 #12: The Plan Goes Wrong
I'd like to say that the carefully laid out scheme George and Nico prepared and enacted going awry is a rarity, the result of things beyond their...
2018-01-11 3:00:08 AM ● 1,316 views ● 22:27 98.75% liked