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About Kikoskia

Me doing Let's Plays of games of my past as well as other video games, old and new.

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Main LP 1 - Rise of the Wool Ball (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Main LP 2 - BG 2 EE (Tues/Thurs/Sat)
Replay Sunday - Action 52 (Geneis) (3 videos Sunday)
PnP - Call and Cthulhu

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Let’s Play EoTB 3 #03: And We’re Exploring Here Because..?
We’ve barely started the game and already the party is delving into a dungeon full of peril, predominantly undead. That makes sense as not...
2019-03-13 4:00:02 AM ● 1,646 views ● 20:45 99.06% liked
Let’s Play BG2 EE #57: A Truth Too Hard to Accept
Terri and company have been tasked with entering a supposedly haunted tomb in the Trademeet graveyard to recover an ancient item, the Mantle...
2019-03-12 4:00:10 AM ● 824 views ● 22:47 98.25% liked
Let’s Play EoTB 3 #02: In Grave Trouble Already
Before you’ve even begun to play the game proper, there are signs that the third and final entry in the series isn’t quite what the one before...
2019-03-11 4:00:03 AM ● 3,217 views ● 22:17 100.00% liked
Let’s Play EoTB 3 #01: Introduction
They say that adventures come in groups of three, which would go some ways to explaining why there are so many trilogies of fantasy stories out...
2019-03-11 3:30:00 AM ● 2,184 views ● 1:57 100.00% liked
Let’s Replay Action 52 (Gen) #09: The Climb is Nearing its End
Playing each of the 52 games in this collection may have seemed like a daunting prospect at the start, but you’d be surprised how quickly that...
2019-03-10 4:00:02 AM ● 1,259 views ● 22:44 98.41% liked
Let’s Replay Action 52 (Gen) #08: When Mechanics Inadvertently Assist
Some of the games in this collection are difficult enough in the first few levels, becoming all-but impossible later on. There are others where...
2019-03-10 3:30:04 AM ● 1,309 views ● 21:51 98.44% liked
Let’s Replay Action 52 (Gen) #07: Repeat, Reuse, Recycle
If there’s one thing you can give Farsight Technologies credit for, it’s getting the most out of the assets they made for the game. We’ve...
2019-03-10 3:00:06 AM ● 1,599 views ● 24:47 97.50% liked
Let’s Play BG2 EE #56: Filling in a Job Opening
We’re nearly done with clearing out the keep completely and while we haven’t found the lord of the place yet, there’s not many more places...
2019-03-09 3:00:05 AM ● 846 views ● 20:11 98.46% liked
Let’s Play Rise of the Wool Ball #11: Dislodging the Fur Ball
If you want to keep up to date with WatchDaToast’s progress on Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard, you can find his twitter here:
2019-03-08 3:00:02 AM ● 1,776 views ● 20:23 97.95% liked
Kikoskia’s All-New Hearthstone Adventures: Evolving a Win Condition
A viable strategy for victory is to create wide boards full of weaker minions that your opponent can’t efficiently clear. Once you’ve got...
2019-03-08 2:30:00 AM ● 1,349 views ● 36:14 96.77% liked