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About ItsMuchMore

ItsMuchMore was founded in 2013 on the back of UKRockers disbanding, who were a successful multi-format gaming clan for 11 years.

UKRockers played across all games and formats taking part in tournaments and ladders as well as projects such as web tv and web radio.

Founding members James (@Jarvis1983uk) and Daniel (@RockerJarvis) decided instead of playing the games for matches why not take a back seat and review them!

UKRockers was used as stepping stone for gamers to go further develop their gaming careers who have lead onto bigger and better things.

ItsMuchMore focuses on reviewing everything, with publisher and PR contacts this means we have access to games/theatre shows/movies to review for our site.

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TheC64 Mini - All 64 Games Played [Commodore 64]
DreamcastUK plays over an hour an a half worth of gameplay footage of all of The C64 Mini games, the video has been cut down to about 5mins :)...
2018-04-20 1:24:05 PM ● 46 views ● 5:26 100.00% liked
Panzer Dragoon Orta | Gameplay | Xbox One [Original Xbox Backward Compatibility]
James ‘DreamcastUK’ plays the newly added for Xbox One, Xbox Originals backwards compatibility Panzer Dragoon Orta. You can buy & download...
2018-04-17 1:57:36 PM ● 76 views ● 15:11 100.00% liked
The C64 Mini - Loading Other Games / Programs | Quick & Easy Guide  [Commodore 64]
DreamcastUK from ItsMuchMore shows you how to load of programs to The C64 Mini. Video was filmed using iPhone 6 and Hauppauge PVR Gaming Edition...
2018-04-08 4:01:32 PM ● 253 views ● 4:57 100.00% liked
The C64 Mini - How to update Firmware Version 1.0.6 | Quick & Easy Guide
DreamcastUK from ItsMuchMore shows you how to update the firmware on The C64 Mini. Firmware link - Firmware update...
2018-04-06 2:52:54 PM ● 434 views ● 2:40 90.00% liked
Lets Play Some - Q*Bert Rebooted | PS4 - Just Gameplay
Lets Play Some - Q*Bert Rebooted - PS4 - Just Gameplay We jump on this months PS Plus game for the PS4, Q*Bert Rebooted. We try the classic and...
2018-04-03 1:35:55 PM ● 22 views ● 11:08
Let's Play
Arch Rivals | Midway Arcade Origins [Xbox One]
James 'DreamcastUK & Daniel 'RockerJarvis' go back to the 80's to play Midway's Arch Rivals on Midway Arcade Origins on Xbox One. (This is...
2018-04-02 9:00:00 AM ● 16 views ● 21:27
The C64 Mini - First Look & Play Test [UK Launch Day 2018]
James "DreamcastUK" takes a first look at the C64 Mini, on the launch day 29/03/2018. We purchased from Smyths Toys UK. Read our review...
2018-03-29 5:57:32 PM ● 572 views ● 11:29 77.78% liked
First Impressions
Rampage | Midway Arcade Origins - Ready for the 2018 Movie [Xbox One]
James 'DreamcastUK & Daniel 'RockerJarvis' go back to the 80's to play Midway's Rampage on Midway Arcade Origins on Xbox One. This is the...
2018-03-28 11:00:00 AM ● 234 views ● 12:41 100.00% liked
A WAY OUT | Gameplay Video [Xbox One] Local Offline CO OP
DreamcastUK & RockerJarvis from ItsMuchMore play local co op offline of A Way Out on Xbox One. Thanks for watching 👉👉Please support...
2018-03-25 2:42:24 PM ● 95 views ● 31:12 100.00% liked
POD Speedzone / POD 2 | Sega Dreamcast | Online Multiplayer | 11/02/2018  [DreamPi]
DreamcastUK from ItsMuchMore joins in for the online meetup of POD Speedzone (Also known as POD 2) on the Sega Dreamcast 11/02/2018 (DreamcastUK-Talk...
2018-02-12 2:43:54 PM ● 58 views ● 29:11 100.00% liked