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United States

Crash Test Channel is an American content creator on YouTube with roughly 1.95 million subscribers. His content totals around 601.69 million views views across more than 1.07 thousand videos.

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About Crash Test Channel

This channel is about BeamNG Drive and Gta 5. If you like watching Beamng Drive crashes and Gta 5 ragdolls this is the place to be!

High Speed Crashes, Insane Crashes, Jump Crashes, Police Takedowns, Spike Strip Crashes, Road Blocks, Fatal Crashes, Down stairs Crashes, Down Hill Crashes, Dummy Crashes, Realictic Crashes, High Speed Crash Compilation, Deadly Jumps, Slow Motion Crashes, Crash Tests, Giant Ball Crashes, Gaint Marble Crashes, Gaint Chain Crashes, Massive Crashes, Cops Vs Robbers, Featuring Insane Crashes.

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Just having fun making & Gta5 YouTube videos :D

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All the content on my channel is recorded and edited by myself (NO REUSED CONTENT).

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