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Hello there everybody and welcome to Sobata92's channel!
Got a game you wanna see? Please let me know in the comments of any of my videos and I will get back to you on that.

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Under my Skin: Higurashi: Tsumihoroboshi: Part 7
Just cant get them out.....get them out..... Disclaimer: I have not watched the anime nor read the manga for Higurashi. The Thumbnail was created...
2018-03-18 6:07:27 AM ● 65 views ● 1:09:23 100.00% liked
How to be a Mother: Umineko: Golden Fantasia: Part 5
Step 1: Don't trust anyone. Step 2: Remember to Reload Step 3: Make sure you remember your comically oversize golden ingot for beating rubbish...
2018-03-17 7:13:53 AM ● 75 views ● 31:11 100.00% liked
A Devilish Pair: Umineko: Golden Fantasia: Part 4
I actually liked this interaction..aaaaand it seems i feel prey to my own incompetence again......regardless, i'm going to keep having fun because...
2018-03-17 4:31:10 AM ● 27 views ● 1:00:24 100.00% liked
We are Friends: Higurashi Kai: Tsumihoroboshi: Part 6
That was incredibly heartfelt though i'm expecting more sadness to follow Disclaimer: I have not watched the anime nor read the manga for Higurashi....
2018-03-16 6:09:11 AM ● 55 views ● 1:09:58 100.00% liked
The Diet Building: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne: Part 19
This was just a boss rush...also i left in a fair amount of footage because the puzzles were a little confusing. Hopefully this helps anybody...
2018-03-13 9:53:57 AM ● 56 views ● 1:33:42 100.00% liked
YAOI ROUTE?!?!: Umineko: Golden Fantasia: Part 3
....after the rage i recently experienced..this hilarity is oddly refreshing. Also i was not expecting any of 'that' Come join the Knightlings:...
2018-03-12 7:39:05 AM ● 166 views ● 35:54 100.00% liked
Evil Awakening: Umineko: Golden Fantasia: Part 2
Only Undyne has made me feel this the end i finished it........i no longer care. I'm going to have fun with this game Come...
2018-03-12 4:33:49 AM ● 147 views ● 57:11 100.00% liked
Leech Removal: Higurashi: Tsumihoroboshi: Part 5
̰̥T͚̩͇͖͙͓̀h̸̯̬̙̹̗͚̣e͞r͚̩̜̰e̢̪͈͔̞ ̗́ẃ̖͎͓̱͎̫̲a͘ș̵ ҉̪͇̥n͉̼͠ơ̯͈̮̩ͅ ͈͍̠o̹̰̞̪̞͈t̠͡h̜̝̤er̪͕̤...
2018-03-11 5:54:12 AM ● 140 views ● 1:05:57 100.00% liked
IT'S GOLDEN SHOWTIME: Umineko: Golden Fantasia: Part 1
I'm not going to be using Princess mode for the entirety of this game as i am currently practicing on my own time trying to get better myself....
2018-03-10 7:49:54 AM ● 217 views ● 43:16 100.00% liked
The 'Enemy' Reveals Itself: Higurashi: Tsumihoroboshi: Part 4
I feel nothing but disgust for this character Disclaimer: I have not watched the anime nor read the manga for Higurashi. The Thumbnail was created...
2018-03-09 5:55:59 AM ● 158 views ● 1:07:00 100.00% liked