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1.Canada DangerouslyFunny204,411,894
2.Brazil Edu Anttunes46,570,442
3.Thailand HEARTROCKER37,067,530
4.United Kingdom SharkyGames30,878,177
5. Gronkh23,593,052
6.Japan SANNINSHOW23,490,302
7. VcseLembra18,471,073
8.United States Lewie G18,278,207
9. thatdenverguy17,862,692
10.Brazil Cherryrar17,233,706

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1.Iceland Waifu Simulator 272,771
2.Canada hodge podge1,181
3.Japan amejisan1,159
4.Spain Wolfarium Blizznatics837
5.Japan NoraGames735
6.Thailand Jim Kunya735
7.Spain Skull Survival729
8.Brazil KaneYou696
9.Viet Nam DTN Gamer575
10.Germany FioreBo557

Latest Let's Plays For Stardew Valley

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago Nina QueenVtuber Queen Plays Stardew Valley! (Pt. 74)25:133
1 day agoUnited States halfmoonjoeTRUE PERFECTION + 35,964 Diamonds 💎 - Stardew Valley48:58590
1 day agoUnited States KinglyBraving the Mines and Market Day in Stardew Valley: A Modded Series | Ep340:5061
1 day agoCanada hodge podgeStardew Valley: Beach Farm - Let's Play Ep 26220:26107
1 day agoGermany Soonami_GamingSTARDEW VALLEY 👨‍🌾 Let's Play Folge #024 Das Luau Fest mit dem Gouverneur 👨‍💼 [German/Deutsch]33:586
1 day agoUnited States TheWaffleGalaxy🥰 HEARTWARMING SHANE HEART EVENTS, FODDER BUNDLE COMPLETE, TONS OF STARFRUIT! - Stardew Valley Ep.9244:141,489
2 days agoGermany huckxelSTARDEW VALLEY 1.5 🌴 • [#'181] [Deutsch] • KNOBLAUCH für den KUMPEL-FROSCH & MATS SAMMELN!23:06130
2 days agoUnited States iondisFarm Simulator... ~ Stardew Valley Modded2:43:2069
2 days agoUnited States WickedyWickedy's "Chickady Farm" | Everything Is Awkward | Stardew Valley Let's Play | #5755:163,511
2 days agoUnited States LauraFeliciaPlaysStardew Saturday's #7: I'm back...AGAIN! + New Farm - LauraFeliciaPlays50:220
2 days agoSwitzerland SirGraf0029 Stardew Valley 👨‍🌾 Niemand zuhause 👨‍🌾 Let's Play14:392
2 days agoAustralia AramiesGamesAdopting Ben | Stardew Valley Let's Play Forest Farm | E0422:4655
2 days agoGermany LycosStardew Valley [Series S] #072 - Winter Jahr 2 | Voll ausgebaut21:013
2 days agoThailand ASOBOเอ๊าใครอยากเป็นชาวสวน ฉันน่ะสิๆ EP4 Stardew Valley [ASOBO Let's play]1:58:2819
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Unruffled CatStardew Valley Completionist Farm Playthrough Episode 139 * update 1.550:4114
3 days agoUnited States UnsurpassableZThe Stardew Valley ALPHABET Speedrun13:4024,974
3 days ago Mango Plays LiveLevel 100 🙌 | EP12 | Modded Stardew Valley Expanded | Grandpa's Farm| Joja is our Friend! 💜2:56:3919
3 days ago Mango Plays GamesIce Festival 🎣 | EP46 | Modded Stardew Valley - Ridgeside Village45:44198
3 days ago JayyJammerStardew Valley (blind) ft Kristen & Rocky #13 | Today Was The Day | LetsPlay43:0915
4 days agoGermany Wolf CapitalistStardew Valley 1.5 #66: 60.000 G in den Hof investiert32:060
4 days agoUnited States Dr. IncompetentSTARDEW VALLEY | Let's Play in 2022 | Episode 146 | 👩🏽‍🌾👨‍🌾🌽🌱🌿30:3018
4 days ago Gamer PyleTime? WHAT Time?! I Totally Got This. [Stardew Valley] [SUPER MODDED Run] #00417:3625
4 days agoNorth Macedonia PhilChillCompletionist Farm Stardew Valley 1.5 - Let's Play [81]21:0670
4 days agoGermany holydiver231Ein Herz für die Umwelt! 🐟 Stardew Valley 🐟 42 [HD][Deutsch]25:3710
4 days ago TheLayBackGamerStardew Valley Semi Blind Letsplay E11: Start with Fishing, End with Farming32:1114

Latest Reviews For Stardew Valley

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days ago Gamer PylePepsi Nitro Unboxing! [New Product] [Taste Test] [Review] [#Shorts]0:4517
2022-05-20 KotakuSpirittea Is Stardew Valley Meets Spirited Away | Trailer Review1:113,133
2022-05-14 MossyStardew Valleys Funniest Steam Reviews...4:347,316
2022-05-03 Sweet BeefSweet Beef Streams Stardew Valley Part 4 / The Monster's Energy Review: Nitro2:34:231
2022-04-29United States OhcluckGamesFarm Together Fantasy Pack DLC Review | OhcluckGames9:50713
2022-04-26United States WUG MartinBit Orchard: Animal Valley (Switch) Gameplay & Review!!! 8-BIT STARDEW VALLEY!!!!25:172,381
2022-04-18United States The Power HourStardew Valley Review: Fun enjoyable farming/life sim!2:582
2022-04-14United States MabiVsGamesCat Cafe Manager Review - WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY! (Mabimpressions)10:21985
2022-04-09Russian Federation chudilkaStardew Valley farm review (5 yrs 2 weeks)16:3312
2022-04-06United States FHNtodayStardew Valley | Game Review1:4018
2022-04-06 GamesRadarWhy You Should Play Stardew Valley | Season 1 Episode 47:261,053
2022-04-01 General Red, StrategistMarch 2022 In Steam Reviews4:1718
2022-03-24Australia PixelShaunI Was SO WRONG About Stardew Valley | Retrospective Review7:3789
2022-03-18United Kingdom DazzReviews3 - Clips"why dont they play stardew valley music in nightclubs?"1:051
2022-03-15Indonesia Aika Sakuraba Ch. 【ARVI】Donathon Lagi, now with Stardew Valley, Meme Review & much more! | Donathon #2【Vtuber Indonesia】9:33:26921
2022-03-06United States GamingSilverNoxStardew Valley: The Board Game (Second Print) Unboxing & Review21:27289
2022-03-04Germany ButchBob42Spiele-Review mit ButchB0B42 - STARDUDE VALLEY 15134:4926
2022-03-04United States Satoshi GamingWidiLand Game Review / Cozy Play-to-Earn Farming Sim10:45499
2022-03-02 Steve MeowA quiet review - Episode 66:23:276
2022-02-23Spain PedrogaMi experiencia en Stardew Valley 🐔 |Stardew valley review3:5658
2022-02-23Brazil LiperaVale a pena jogar Stardew Valley em 2022? Veja minha review/opinião completa de quem ZEROU o game!8:36207
2022-02-16United Kingdom BlaizeDemon child. Call a priest #Stardew #Shorts0:451,265
2022-02-15Australia IWrightMusicFishing in Stardew Valley is the WORST11:102
2022-02-12Colombia The GamerRob4 MODS DE BELLEZA PARA STARDEW VALLEY - Review Mod SV PC - #TheGamerRob10:31204
2022-01-24 NintenbrosGAME REVIEW TURNED INTO A GAME BATTLE! #Shorts0:260