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1.Canada DangerouslyFunny176,289,073
2.Thailand HEARTROCKER33,629,646
3.United Kingdom SharkyGames23,032,659
4.Japan SANNINSHOW22,233,715
5. Gronkh21,220,227
6.Brazil Edu Anttunes18,888,444
7. VcseLembra17,376,677
8.United States Lewie G14,152,630
9. thatdenverguy14,147,525
10.United Kingdom Aavak12,939,642

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1.Iceland Waifu Simulator 272,294
2.Canada hodge podge730
3.Spain Wolfarium Blizznatics615
4.Spain Skull Survival524
5.Canada DangerouslyFunny522
6.Brazil KaneYou515
7. jellyfingers484
8.Thailand Jim Kunya479
9.United States CohhCarnage461
10.Germany LadyMisakii440

Latest Let's Plays For Stardew Valley

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
10 hours agoCanada speedygearStardew Valley v1.5 - Let's Play Ep. 33 - Deluxe Barn29:001
13 hours agoUnited States SalmenceStardew Valley - Part 35 - Sewer Surfing44:5843
1 day agoGermany JulsLPStardew Valley #36 // weisst du wo Leah ist?30:299
1 day agoGermany Kaktus EndySTARDEW VALLEY 🌾 04| Besuch beim Schmied | Let's Play | Deutsch | 1.517:1722
1 day agoUnited States lil indigestionSTARDEW VALLEY CO-OP -- Let's Play [Episode 66]1:01:006
1 day agoCanada hodge podgeStardew Valley: Beach Farm - Let's Play Ep 6932:01259
2 days ago Mango Plays GamesJunimo Maze End 🙌 | EP94 | Modded Stardew Valley Expanded31:080
3 days ago Gamer PyleStardew [YearTwo PlayThrough] Day 16: When Everything Goes Wrong and Ruins Your Day27:4612
5 days ago Grind This GameStardew Valley #26 - Exploring Ginger Island and First Baby.56:211,440
5 days agoGermany Sira KomoriLet's Play Together Stardew Valley S02E059 - Ein halbes Dutzend Betten33:352
6 days agoUnited States Sailor DrewUnlocking the greenhouse // Let's Play Stardew Valley (Update 1.5) - Ep 3042:5553
6 days agoUnited Kingdom IdioticUlt1maraLets Play Stardew Valley V1.5 (Day 039) Beach Farm9:171
2021-04-29Australia JaWoodleBuilding Farm Upgrades! - Part 6 | Stardew Valley (2021 New 1.5 Update)41:574,122
2021-04-29United States Mystic's LibraryLet's Play Stardew Valley Part 104 - A Spooky Swamp39:3865
2021-04-28Canada MGPlays99Stardew Valley Part 1: Harvest Moon Plus Terraria36:272
2021-04-28United States Planet BuSummer Vibes Again! // Stardew Valley Gameplay Livestream // 1.5 Update3:12:50137
2021-04-27United Kingdom SharkyGamesStardew Valley 1.5 Playthrough - THE DARN BARN GETS UPGRADED! | E1836:0915,782
2021-04-24Germany LadyYurikoLPStardew Valley #119-123 🌷[Let's Play/Deutsch]3:42:40211
2021-04-20United Kingdom Billie Janelet's play stardew valley | part 325:441,384
2021-04-18Germany DiePixelHeldenSTARDEW VALLEY Multiplayer #S2​ - Da ist Weizen drin und Mais... - Stardew Valley Livestream3:33:272,083
2021-04-17France TheHolomovementAU REVOIR LA FERME TURÉCLAIR - Stardew Valley | 203:37:14222
2021-04-15United States Wrath of ZalisLet's Play Stardew Valley | OnlyFarmers Edition Part 646:4818
2021-04-14United States Good Old Days GamingStardew Valley [46] - Upgrades & Money21:501,023
2021-04-14United Kingdom The Gaming HollowStardew Valley Playthrough: Episode #12 - The Ultimate Egg Hunting Duo, who will win?1:39:437
2021-04-06Canada kathacroStardew Valley - Part 3 - The flower dance sucks10:37157

Latest Reviews For Stardew Valley

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-03-10United States SubpixelStardew Valley Board Game REVIEW! | Media Cache5:11160
2021-02-04United States Game AdvisorShould You Buy Stardew Valley? Is Stardew Valley Worth the Cost?8:085,000
2021-01-22United States TagBackTVStardew Valley Is Life, And Ridgeside Village Makes Tt Better.1:36:2327,818
2021-01-18United States Revan MagusAn Epic Godly Farm? | Stardew Valley 1.5 Mods Review11:19370
2020-12-07United States The Balding PlebsABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Stardew Valley Collector's Edition Fangamer Unboxing! What's In the Box?!13:35360
2020-11-28 thfrEscape Goat 2 Review - Games I Like on OpenBSD25:35203
2020-11-27 DWTerminatorThanksgiving 2020 Review - Stardew Valley34:583,603
2020-11-03United States Lunar Nebula GamingShowcase and Review - Bullet Echo on iOS16:1039
2020-10-18United States Zaxtor99Steam Game Reviews - Space Farm - A Space "Stardew Valley" Clone for $25?!?38:01334
2020-10-12Germany Zaimän Zockt[GER][SP][Blind][Review] Women in Science - Ist das Stardew Valley mit Robotern?42:5833
2020-09-22India GZ GamingAtomicrops! - Stardew Valley Plus Don't Starve Roguelike! PRETTY HECTIC! - GZ Reviews6:5722
2020-09-19Taiwan, Republic of China 番茄Yuri[星露谷物語Stardew Valley] =1.4物語生活=: EP.30 ft.暮暮.阿脆1:37:1536
2020-09-12Canada OnsGarett Streams: Stardew Valley Series 2 Part 1330:393
2020-08-29United States Legacy GamingSpiritfarer - Worth Your Time? | Stardew Valley Meets Animal Crossing In This Charming Casual Game6:012,296
2020-08-17Viet Nam Tẩu DTN GamerStardew Valley Mod | Review Và Hướng Dẫn Cài Mods Hoa Mega Siêu To12:09230
2020-08-14Argentina Keeza PepperFUNCIONAN DE VERDAD!? | Test and Review Maped Color´Peps GEL9:573,048
2020-08-13United States Silent Shed GamingLittlewood, the new Stardew Valley? - ShedLite Review6:272,091
2020-07-25Japan もみじ狐ゆっくり暮らしたい狐がStardew Valley #55:36:3852
2020-07-23Ireland Adzi GamingDEX - Review (Nintendo Switch)3:396,064
2020-06-25United States YDU GamesLate Night Stream!! (part 2) | Stardew Valley1:28:209
2020-06-20United Kingdom GeorgeBillyMartinSTARDEW VALLEY - REVIEW2:57319
2020-06-19Viet Nam DTN GamerStardew Valley Mods "Nhìn Tr.ộm" Cá | Fish Review1:17779
2020-06-16United States Jake RandallSummer in Mara Full Review - Zelda meets Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley (Nintendo Switch, PC)8:41241
2020-05-27United States 2 LainzStardew Valley Pokemon is A Mess But I Kind Of Love It | Re: Legend Early Access Review?7:106,614