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The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Gaming with a Heavy Metal soundtrack. With the help of the Seattle gaming community he covers Hidden Gems, Buying Guides as well as the popular I HATE U series, Gamer Eats and much more. He was also an employee at mega publisher Sierra On-Line in the 90s and he brings his love of big box PC gaming to his channel as well. New videos on Tuesday & Friday every week!

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WISH LIST: Test Drive Eve of Destruction Need for Speed Underground Otogi 1 & 2 Stubbs the Zombie 007 Everything or Nothing Call of Cthulhu...
2018-07-13 7:00:03 AM ● 67,678 views ● 13:23 96.64% liked
Companion to my big Game Room Tour of 2017, this time focusing on the collectables, odds & ends scattered throughout. FOLLOW US Twitter:...
2018-07-10 7:00:04 AM ● 69,304 views ● 11:26 97.31% liked
Nintendo Famicom Disk System - Buying Guide + Best Games!
Family Computer Disk System was released only in Japan in 1986 and uses floppy disks to store retail games and save games. John Riggs is a collector...
2018-07-06 7:00:04 AM ● 89,530 views ● 24:37 97.21% liked
Original XBOX games on Xbox One w/skin & Duke controller - I can’t help myself!
GAMES SHOWN: * Star Wars: Battlefront II * Breakdown * Panzer Dragoon Orta * Jade Empire * Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge * SSX 3 * Star...
2018-06-29 7:00:42 AM ● 103,837 views ● 13:57 97.33% liked
RetroN 77 REVIEW - Pros & Cons + Gameplay
The first in-depth review of Hyperkin's RetroN 77 Atari 2600 HD clone system. The things I love about it...and things that need a bit more work!...
2018-06-22 7:00:06 AM ● 100,485 views ● 12:35 97.06% liked
E3 Expo Pickups, Press Kits & Swag!
Here are the pickups and marketing swag I got at this year's E3 Expo in Los Angelas last week. FOLLOW ME: Twitter:
2018-06-20 7:00:01 AM ● 70,504 views ● 10:23 96.14% liked
Our E3 Experience - Behind the Scenes, Parties & Highlights from our LA Trip
What it’s like to go to E3 Expo w/ Kelsey & Metal Jesus. Behind the scenes, parties and all the craziness! FOLLOW US Kelsey:
2018-06-19 7:00:00 AM ● 105,929 views ● 17:51 97.86% liked
LAMEST Game System in my Collection! - This thing SUCKS!
I have a lot of game systems ...and this is the worst!! FOLLOW US Twitter: Facebook:
2018-06-12 7:00:02 AM ● 81,155 views ● 6:48 96.31% liked
Dreamcast HDMI Cable Review - 100% Plug & Play - No mod needed!
Buy the Dreamcast HDMI cable:  (Affiliate Link) GAMES TESTED: Shenmue Soul Calibur Sega GT Mars Matrix Gunbird 2 Hydro...
2018-06-08 7:00:01 AM ● 113,654 views ● 11:33 96.83% liked
What’s in this BUCKET of PC PARTS donated to me?
My buddy Josh cleaned out his game room and donated a huge bucket of old PC peripherals to me: video cards, sound card, hard drives and some...
2018-06-05 7:00:02 AM ● 75,765 views ● 9:34 93.60% liked