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If RPGs are your thing, you're in the right place. If you can level up in it, I'll be covering it. Historically, I create content for anything Fallout, Elder Scrolls, BioWare or Star Wars related, but it doesn't stop there. I do a ton of reviews, walkthroughs, guides, tips/tricks, tutorials, discussions, speculation, and in-depth analysis', if that is your jam.

Making this my full time job is an eternal goal of mine! Help make it happen :)

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Warhorse Studios BOUGHT By THQ Nordic - Who's Next?
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Far Cry New Dawn REVIEW - Post Apocalyptic Madness
Far Cry is striving to become post apocalyptic in this standalone sequel. Does it have enough to snuff out Fallout? Previous Video:
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Far Cry New Dawn
The Scary Reality About Elder Scrolls VI
No, it's not because Fallout 76 happened. Join me in what I'd consider an existential crisis. Previous Video:
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The Outer Worlds: NEW GAMEPLAY In-Depth Analysis & 15-40 Hours To Finish!
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Bethesda's E3 2019 Showcase - Will They Even Have One?
Around this time of year, Bethesda tends to announce their E3 showcase. I take a look at all their developers and if there is enough content...
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Obsidian Managing Expectations With The Outer Worlds - H.A.M. Radio Podcast Ep 189
Welcome to the H.A.M Radio Podcast! A weekly podcast discussing everything and anything gaming, featuring Karak of AngryCentaurGaming, one of...
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Why I Don't Cover Fallout 76 That Much Nowadays
It's not gone forever, but I get this question often and would like to take the time to address it Previous Video:
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Fallout (1997)
27 NEW THINGS We Learned About The Outer Worlds From Latest Interview!
GameInformer conducted a rapid fire interview for The Outer Worlds, so here is all of that important info wrapped into one video for everyone...
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