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1.United States FGTeeV69,349,626
2.United States Joltzdude13925,724,243
3.United States Ki11er Six10,769,809
4.Argentina DrossRotzank10,071,190
5.United States SSoHPKC9,204,910
6.United States PostmodernJukebox6,078,363
7.Canada Ramza4115,045,443
8.United States VinylicPumaGaming4,637,321
9.United States Gearbox4,402,091
10.United States IGN4,248,104

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1. HandsomeJackBoy511
2.United States Komm 666471
3.United Kingdom HDGAMING360434
4.United Kingdom 00TheMessiah00245
5.Canada MajorSlackVideos237
6.Germany Freddys 666LP222
7.France Le_Nilk221
8.United States Bob Hall215
9.United States SSoHPKC210
10.Spain Manuel el malo Saga borderlands196

Latest Let's Plays For Borderlands

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoGermany GermanGamers2000[Together] Let's Play: Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced HD PART 8113:153
6 days agoUnited States Tss958 GamingBorderlands Pre-Sequel PlayStation 4 | The Claptastic Voyage Continues2:29:5519
2021-07-24Australia Version2LPLet's Play Borderlands - #10 | The Vault (Finale)2:23:5838
2021-07-21Germany The_Laggy_LukeSpace Punks || Lets Play #2 || Sci-Fi Action RPG - Borderlands meets Diablo29:49175
2021-07-12United Kingdom hooch2003Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution playthrough3:10:486
2021-07-10 Omni PandaPanda plays Borderlands area 7 side missions + Story missions46:381
2021-07-09United States ShaenMO GamingLet's Play Borderlands; Part 3: Helping TK And Getting A Car58:470
2021-07-09 Myriad VoidsLet's Play Together Borderlands part 2 Der Wütende Mann1:09:154
2021-07-07 OrosZLet's play YAKUZA 3 #1- Moving on42:1847
2021-06-25 Samuel LewisLet's Play Borderlands Part 40: A New Rule30:390
2021-06-21Germany 15 Minute GameplaysBorderlands // PlayStation 3 // 2009 // 15 Minute Gameplays18:123
2021-06-20United States Side By Side PlaysLet's Play: Borderlands! -9- Craprap DLC2:17:444
2021-06-19 Psycho WreckerBorderlands 1 (Switch) Part 3 Helping out T.K Baha10:002
2021-05-30United States CasualHardcoreGamersBorderlands: Game of the Year Edition ~ CO-OP COMEDY LET'S PLAY ~ Episode 4 ~ CasualHardcoreGamers16:1848
2021-05-29Philippines Kurt Dexter N. RodriguezTHE ALICE IN BORDERLAND ANIME OVA PLAYS ON HIDIVE0:276
2021-04-09Germany Lucius RaccoonOne Million Fatal Guns #003 - Endspurt! Kurz und schmerzlos! | Let's Play Deutsch5:331
2021-04-08 bargaingamingEasy Borderlands® 3 Gameplay Tutorial 130 Help Free Sheega27:381
2021-03-28Indonesia Wahyu_PratamaAlice Zuberg (SAO) Best Pretty Cosplays2:21230
2021-03-24 Damaged JokerJoker and Harley plays Borderlands #11:41:273
2021-03-24United States Harley Lynn QuinnHarley & joker plays Borderlands!#11:41:319
2021-03-15 Michael FalkensteinerLet's Play bl 3 spielen ps4 Gameplay [Deutsch/German]2:25:556
2021-03-13United States Caedo GenesisBORDERLANDS GOTY ENHANCED Funny Moments (With Friends!) PT.2 - Caedo's Highlights 3426:00842
2021-03-08 testdriveBorderlands - Part 23 FINALE || The Vault (Let's Play)41:0126
2021-03-07United States It's NoHaBorderlands GOTY Enhanced | Lilith Sniper Only | Part 13!14:1542

Latest Reviews For Borderlands

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-18Brazil Cafeína OverdriveSPACE PUNKS: O irmão gêmeo de BORDERLANDS é GRÁTIS | Vale a Pena Ver o Jogo #21 (Review PT-BR)16:02143
2021-07-16Netherlands ProtoxxJagex's NEW GAME | Is it any good? | Space Punks review10:1220,348
2021-04-18 TheGamerTronShowThe Only Honest Review of Outriders on Youtube...24:571,844
2021-04-08Germany GamesweltMehr Borderlands als Destiny - Video-Review zu Outriders | REVIEW5:383,441
2021-01-05 JiffynanoA Borderlands Style Rogue-like | Gunfire Reborn Review8:181,080
2020-12-25Germany Geek-PoolAlice in Borderland - Netflix | Review7:2832
2020-12-15United States oboeshoestwosMarcus' Bean Burrito Review | 25 Days of Borderlands Day 157:3516,400
2020-12-07United States It's NoHaWhat Makes Borderlands One of the Best Games of All Time?29:0645
2020-11-27 Skycaptin5Borderlands Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Game of the Year Edition]12:463,275
2020-10-23United States IndieVoiceIndie Game Review: RoboQuest - TIME TO DESTROY SOME BAD GUYS!4:1345
2020-09-29 Wade CuevasBorderlands Triple Pack - Xbox 360 review1:465
2020-08-14United States Mekel KasanovaBorderlands Legendary Collection Review | The BEST Switch Port?12:06385
2020-08-10United States The Campy CompanyLearning About Video Games Ep. 128: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection P. 2 (The Pre-Sequel) (PS4)1:09:213
2020-07-15United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyBorderlands Legendary Collection Nintendo Switch Review8:0952
2020-07-07Sweden SplishShould You Buy Gunfire Reborn - Gunfire Reborn Review - Risk of Rain meets Borderlands4:582,729
2020-06-25Germany Der NerdschmiedBOUNTY of BLOOD! Borderlands DLC KAUFEN oder lieber FINGER WEG?! Review|Deutsch|German|7:461,560
2020-06-24United Kingdom Invision Game CommunityBorderlands Legendary Collection Switch Review5:4234
2020-06-24Australia ATEBITBorderlands Legendary Collection [Review]2:495,282
2020-06-22Canada panicman10Borderlands® 3_2020 Video game review part 1 June 22 20201:00:0012
2020-06-18United States Reviews 2 GoBorderlands Legendary Collection (Switch) Review8:336,009
2020-06-18United States Luis AlamillaBorderlands Legendary Collection Review (Nintendo Switch)5:586,063
2020-06-09United Kingdom Nintendo LifeBorderlands Legendary Collection Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?10:09171,143
2020-06-06United States Kneeckoh GamingThe BEST Nintendo Switch Port EVER??? - Borderlands Legendary Collection Switch Review7:372,661