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G'day ZiggyD here!

This channel is a place for us to share our passion about deep, detailed and difficult games! I love Action RPGs, old-school RPGs, Real Time Strategy and anything else that requires real thought, strategy and game knowledge to enjoy fully.

This all started with StarCraft 2. I began in the bottom of Bronze league and through a ton of hard work I made my way up to Masters. My SC2 journey helped me grow as a person and it showed me a side to gaming that I didn't know existed.

Gaming is not only a fun way to relax and meet up with friends. It can also challenge us, teach us to solve complex problems and even become stronger and more self-aware people.

There's so much more enjoyment to be had with games like SC2, Path of Exile & Diablo 3 when you make your way below the surface - I want to help you find your way there too!

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Path of Exile: Abyss LICH Fight - T10 - And Bonus GGG Xmas Party!
Path of Exile 3.1 Abyss League features Abyssal cracks that can occasionally spawn Abyssal Depths. Very rarely in maps you may also encounter...
2017-12-20 8:47:54 PM ● 43,570 views ● 7:54 96.11% liked
Path of Exile 3.1: OP Leveling Gear in Abyss - Darkness Enthroned & Abyss Jewels Guide
Path of Exile's 3.1 Abyss League brings with it a very strong new set of leveling gear in the form of the Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise Belt...
2017-12-18 7:39:01 PM ● 71,446 views ● 12:51 96.58% liked
Path of Exile
Path of Exile: How to Buy Awesome Shaped & Elder Items for Your Build - Cheap 5 & 6 Links
Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas brings with it these powerful new Shaped & Elder Rare items that can roll some powerful new stats and...
2017-12-14 5:42:58 PM ● 59,488 views ● 11:57 95.88% liked
Path of Exile
Path of Exile 3.1: THE ELDER - My First Elder Fights
After having defeated the Elder Guardians we take on the Elder in Path of Exile's 3.1 War for the Atlas. Watch ZIGGYD Live on TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/ziggydlive/...
2017-12-12 9:29:52 PM ● 68,167 views ● 18:29 95.56% liked
Path of Exile 3.1: The Four Elder Guardian Fights - My First Encounters
In this video I explain how to unlock the Elder & his guardians in Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas. And then I run my first fights with...
2017-12-12 9:06:20 AM ● 65,135 views ● 19:20 93.85% liked
Path of Exile 3.1: Finding & Crafting My First Shaped Rare! - The Ultimate Meme Weapon
Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas has Shaper & Elder fighting over the Atlas. If you enter a map controlled by one of them you can help...
2017-12-11 3:56:37 AM ● 78,602 views ● 4:55 93.42% liked
Path of Exile 3.1: Abyssal Depths (While Leveling) What Are They & How do they Work?
Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas comes alongside the new Abyss Challenge League. The Abyss mechanic usually gives you loot as a reward (Abyssal...
2017-12-09 8:19:37 PM ● 53,697 views ● 7:52 97.41% liked
Path of Exile 3.1: ABYSS - How to Run Abyss Successfully
Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas - ABYSS Challenge League features these Abyssal cracks that you can follow to fight monsters that pour out...
2017-12-09 8:18:47 PM ● 45,345 views ● 5:16 97.22% liked
Path of Exile
AVORION Survival Guide 7: Making MILLIONS of Credits Raiding Cargo Haulers - The Pirate's Life
In Episode 7 of the Avorion Survival Guide we take our newely constrcuted raiding frigate to war! We find a smuggler base to offload stolen goods...
2017-12-08 11:51:57 AM ● 10,274 views ● 1:01:32 95.22% liked
EXILED! with Zizaran - 3.1 Skill & Support Analysis & Build Advice - War for the Atlas / Abyss
Path of Exile's 3.1 Expansion War for the Atlas and the Abyss league is almost here and we return with another Exiled! to help you get started....
2017-12-07 8:48:25 PM ● 58,867 views ● 2:35:37 93.77% liked