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Sup everyone, I'm your female otaku! If you're an otaku or anime fan, welcome! I upload a variety of anime, manga, and japanese cultural related content. Including but not limited to vlogs, reviews, cosplay, amvs, and ranking videos.

Making anime videos since November 18th, 2014

I'm your female otaku, sayonara!

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Anime Convention Storytime - Anime NYC & Anime Dallas
Subscribe to Sara: Follow me on Instagram:
2018-12-03 12:42:17 PM ● 350 views ● 1:23:16 96.88% liked
You HAVE To Watch Mirai - The Perfect Family Friendly Film
What makes a film family friendly? Mamoru Hosoda shapes the genre into something amazing with his latest film Mirai. Special thank you to GKIDS...
2018-11-30 12:59:29 PM ● 301 views ● 3:29 97.73% liked
The Incredible Cosplayers of Anime NYC 2018 | Cosplay Music Video
My last convention of the year, and it was great! What made it better than last year was these amazing cosplayers. Check out their instagrams:...
2018-11-20 9:58:33 AM ● 727 views ● 5:56 98.95% liked
My 21st Birthday, New Mic And Other Announcements
If you're going to Anime NYC, be sure to check out my panel on Saturday in panel room 2 from 9:30pm to 10:15pm. The Beauty of KyoAni:
2018-11-14 3:32:56 PM ● 499 views ● 4:22 96.15% liked
FALL 2018 ANIME YOU HAVE TO WATCH - First Impressions
After a short hiatus, the seasonal impression videos are back! Check out the voice actors of the Tsurune skit (by order of appearance) JacobW...
2018-11-06 1:58:39 PM ● 901 views ● 7:46 95.50% liked
New York Comic Con and Anime Fest 2018 Vlog + AN EPIC GIVEAWAY
My very first non-anime convention turned out to be one of the largest cons I've ever been too! My Cosplay Music video:
2018-10-31 10:00:31 AM ● 712 views ● 12:42 96.92% liked
The Japanese Snacks Taste Test Videos Are Back! - Bokksu
It's been FOREVER since I last did a Japanese taste test and unboxing video, but thanks to Bokksu, they are back! Use code SLOAN5 for $5 off...
2018-10-30 3:24:16 PM ● 261 views ● 14:20 100.00% liked
Anime Convention Storytime - New York Comic Con, Anime Fest & East Texas Rose Con
Sara and I are back to talk about the strange, fun and creepy things that went down at NYCC and this year. Subscribe to Sara:
2018-10-30 3:21:38 PM ● 176 views ● 1:13:55 100.00% liked
The Beauty of KyoAni (Kyoto Animation)
For the longest time, Kyoto Animation was known for being a moe only studio. However, I think otherwise. Subscribe to Anime Matt:
2018-10-14 7:09:51 PM ● 410 views ● 15:36 98.63% liked
The Epic Cosplayers of Anime Fest & New York Comic Con 2018 || Cosplay Music Video
My first NYCC was absolutely wild, and so were the cosplays! Song used: Cosplayers' Instagrams (not in order) Fascinatingstranger...
2018-10-10 1:35:50 PM ● 874 views ● 3:58 95.35% liked