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Q: When will I grow out of video games?
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Planet Rix-13 Gameplay PSVita (also coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4)
Hi guys, here is some gameplay of Planet Rix-13, an exploration, puzzle game coming to PSVita in January. Thanks for watching and subscribe and...
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Top 10 PS Vita Games of 2018 as Voted by PSVita Fans
Hi guys, here is the results of your votes for the best PS Vita games of 2018. The full tally of votes is below. Congratulations to the winners...
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Top 10 Upcoming PS Vita Games as Voted by PSVita Fans
Hi guys, here is the results of your votes for the best upcoming PS Vita games. The full tally of votes is below and in a couple of days I’ll...
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My 2018 PS Vita Game of the Year - Top 15
Hi guys, here's my top 15 list for the PSVita games of 2018. Next week I will put up the videos for the PS Vita community's most anticipated...
2018-12-19 10:00:07 AM ● 28,487 views ● 10:32 94.27% liked
Scintillatron 4096 PS Vita Review Impressions (also on PS4)
Hi guys, heres my thoughts on Scintillatron 4096 on PSVita. Subscribe and check out my channel for more PS Vita reviews and PSVita videos. #PSVita...
2018-12-18 1:12:57 AM ● 622 views ● 3:32 93.48% liked
The PS Vita in 2018 - Year in Review
2018 has been an interesting year for the PSVita. Heres a recap of the biggest PS Vita news from the last 12 months. Want more PS Vita videos...
2018-12-12 10:07:55 AM ● 5,535 views ● 9:15 97.59% liked
Scintillatron 4096 Gameplay PS Vita (also on PS4)
Hi guys, heres some gameplay for the PSVita upcoming twin-stick shooter Scintillatron 4096. Subscribe and check out my channel for more PS Vita...
2018-12-12 5:35:13 AM ● 636 views ● 8:15 87.50% liked
Emerald Shores Review PS Vita (also on PS4)
Hi guys, heres my review of Emerald Shores for the PSVita. I didn't enjoy this one unfortunately. Check out the video to learn why. Subscribe...
2018-12-08 5:24:38 AM ● 573 views ● 3:05 100.00% liked
Emerald Shores PS Vita Gameplay
Hi guys, a short PSVita gameplay video for Emerald Shores. I haven't played much yet but early impressions are not positive. I'll keep playing...
2018-12-05 3:12:27 AM ● 565 views ● 9:58 89.80% liked
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Nintendo Switch Preview (Also on PS4)
Hi Guys, Ive played around 3 hours of Monster Boy on the Nintendo Switch and here are my thoughts so far. Full review is on the way. #MonsterBoyGame...
2018-12-03 4:58:47 PM ● 353 views ● 2:05 100.00% liked