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Q: When will I grow out of video games?
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War Theatre Gameplay PS Vita (also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch)
Hi Guys, heres some gameplay for War Theatre a new PSVita game developed by Arcade Distillery. If you're a fan of Advanced Wars then theres a...
2019-03-27 6:49:33 AM ● 625 views ● 17:11 97.92% liked
METAGAL Gameplay - PS Vita (also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch)
Hi Guys, heres some gameplay for METAGAL a new PSVita game published by Ratalaika games. Its very much a Mega Man clone and while I’d normally...
2019-03-26 4:24:10 PM ● 1,380 views ● 20:01 92.54% liked
Fate/Extella Link Review PS Vita  - Fate Extella Link (also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch)
Hi Guys, here's my review of Fate Extella Link on PSVita. If you liked Fate Extella: The Umbral Star then Link improves on every aspect. Its...
2019-03-19 7:59:11 AM ● 1,246 views ● 7:24 98.95% liked
Top 10 PS Vita Games that didn't deserve a physical release
Hi guys, with PSVita cartridges ending it got me thinking about all the games I wish would have gotten PS Vita physical releases and all the...
2019-03-14 2:58:09 PM ● 1,187 views ● 5:54 94.35% liked
PS4 Remote Play - iPhone Vs PS Vita
Hi Guys, I've been testing out Remote Play on my phone and while its very impressive. I think PSVita still wins for me. Check out my channel...
2019-03-09 1:30:52 PM ● 6,853 views ● 4:19 98.58% liked
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Gameplay PS Vita - Coming soon from Limited Run Games (LRG)
Hi guys, with the announcement of the physical release of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on PSVita, I thought I'd put up footage I recorded...
2019-03-07 1:50:01 PM ● 1,411 views ● 9:49 95.45% liked
Ghoulboy Gameplay First 15 minutes on PS Vita also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch
Hi Guys, heres some gameplay for Ghoulboy - Dark Sword of Goblin on PSVita. Check out my channel for more PS Vita videos and PSVita reviews....
2019-03-06 3:10:17 AM ● 1,495 views ● 14:07 98.11% liked
Awesome Pea Review Impressions and Gameplay PS Vita
Hi guys, here are my early thoughts on playing Awesome Pea on PSVita. Its a fun old-school platform but it doesn't do much new. Subscribe to...
2019-03-02 6:36:58 AM ● 572 views ● 3:38 98.31% liked
Darkest Dungeon Unboxing Collectors Edition for PS Vita
Hi Guys, Here's an unboxing video for the PSVita collectors edition of Darkest Dungeon, If you'd like to see the game in action on PS Vita then...
2019-03-01 7:18:25 AM ● 1,511 views ● 3:57 98.20% liked
Super Life of Pixel Review PS Vita (Also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch)
Hi guys, I realise i'm a bit late to the party but here's my review of Super Life of Pixel on the PSVita. Check out my channel for more PSVita...
2019-02-20 3:31:59 PM ● 921 views ● 2:35 98.63% liked