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Welcome. It's not easy being a knight these days, like the Round Table Pizza's Pizza Knight says. I'm going to quote him here because what he says is interesting:

"Hey there. My name's Pizza Knight.(TM) It's not easy being a knight these days. I've felt out of place my whole life. You think high school is awkward? Just try it in a full suit of armor. Thankfully, I recently found something to defend. What's my new job? Protecting the Round Table Pizza values: great pizza, a comfortable atmosphere, and time with family. It's my calling."

Of course, I don't work at Round Table Pizza myself.

AIM: Master Knight DH
Skype: mknightdh

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Bloons TD 6 - NLL Daily Challenge, June 17, 2018
Only thing difficult about this is not getting overboard with upgrades like MOAB Assassin. Otherwise, even with suboptimal positioning like having...
2018-06-16 6:44:36 PM ● 24 views ● 11:30
Bloons TD 6 - NLL Daily Challenge, June 16, 2018
Here's to hoping this isn't a calm before a storm. Really, the only remotely hard thing here was Purples not being affected by the mages' attacks,...
2018-06-15 6:37:14 PM ● 2 views ● 16:31
Bloons TD 6 - NLL Daily Challenge, June 15, 2018 up to R40 with Lead To Rubber
NLL is No Lives Lost. No Monkey Knowledge upgrades used, but 2 sets of Road Spikes were used to thwart ridiculously early Camos without a tower...
2018-06-15 2:37:15 PM ● 21 views ● 12:49
Bloons TD 6 - NLL Daily Challenge, June 14, 2018
NLL = No Lives Lost. Also, No Monkey Knowledge upgrades or Powers were used. The story of how the 2 paths limit system plays out. Camo Lead protection...
2018-06-14 2:11:31 PM ● 32 views ● 24:41 100.00% liked
Kid Icarus Uprising - incredibly dumb pointing direction dialogue
So in the midst of recording a certain something, I was showing off the Dog's idle animation and...wait, what? ....they threw in.....obvious...
2018-06-12 1:25:45 AM ● 10 views ● 0:37
Super Smash Bros. 4 - this Link mirror works nicely
This is a Link mirror I really like for the way it works out. The basic dynamics is this Squishy Wizard, using only melee, against some clear...
2018-06-08 7:21:05 PM ● 12 views ● 4:29 100.00% liked
Uploading this to showcase how broken ceiling 2 Movement Cost on traversable terrain gets. (By the way, spellcheck hates "traversable.")...
2018-06-07 10:21:55 AM ● 15 views ● 4:17
Super Smash Bros 4 - Villager's Forward Air spam proves unconditional flinching obnoxious
Seriously, count the number of times Villager used Forward Air in this video. When I play as somebody like King Dedede, I should expect to not...
2018-06-03 2:39:32 PM ● 8 views ● 4:09
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Stale Moves just backfires
Whose bright idea was it to use division damage instead of subtraction damage for Stale Moves? That idiocy favors the bajeezus out of spammers....
2018-06-02 12:47:05 PM ● 7 views ● 0:24
Super Smash Bros. 4 - a spammer gets pwn3d
I was on a high from a string of Smash matches that you could see on MaskedMetaKnight4's stream-100th stream, by the way, and was looking into...
2018-06-01 5:58:29 PM ● 3 views ● 7:25