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This channel is dedicated to showcasing my favorite styles and fashion from a wide range of designers. Adidas, Asos, Marc Jacobs, Airwalk Classics, Maison Martin Margiela, H&M and lots more! Hundreds of sneaker styles and all sorts of clothing will be featured here on JT Style. Follow on social media links below to always stay up to date on the latest from me!

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Tornado Weather at Disney World - [JOSHY VLOG #13]
Join the boys for a fun filled day at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom! Starts off with some crazy stormy weather! -CLICK FOR SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS-...
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I'm Forced to Wear DIAPERS?! - [JOSHY VLOG #12]
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REACTION - Ralph Breaks the Internet Teaser Trailer
OMG Ralph Breaks the Internet by the Disney Corporation is the most funniest game of the year! Some people DON'T LIKE IT THOUGH. Get a brain...
2018-02-28 8:19:14 PM ● 2,460 views ● 19:04 80.28% liked
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Help Me Get the Airwalk JIM Plastic Sneakers RE-RELEASED!
- https://www.jimplastics.com/ Help me convince Airwalk to re-release one of the most iconic sneaks of the mid-90's by signing the petition HERE:...
2018-02-09 9:17:48 PM ● 1,118 views ● 4:05 89.33% liked
Let's Play
Christmas Season Fun - [JOSHY VLOG #11]
It's the ultimate Christmas Season vlog from your favorite Elf Joshy! :) -CLICK FOR SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS- ‚óŹ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshypants86/...
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Where Is The JAWS Ride?
It's been 6 years now since the biggest mistake in theme park history was made, and Amity Boat Tours (aka The JAWS Ride) was demolished. No worries...
2018-01-03 4:44:33 AM ● 2,492 views ● 8:22 91.67% liked
Mr. Long Tongue Thomas [JOSHY VLOG #10]
The Joshy Vlogs are back and as random and pointless as ever! In this installment we Christmas-ify my Grandparents basement, pee sitting down...
2017-12-22 2:16:48 AM ● 2,150 views ● 8:21 87.50% liked
Marc Jacobs Sneakers x5! :O
I went from 3 years of not finding a single pair of these amazing Marc Jacobs sneakers, to now owning FIVE pairs! :D -CLICK FOR SOCIAL MEDIA...
2017-12-13 5:02:18 AM ● 718 views ● 3:56 89.23% liked
Christmas Holiday House Tour 2017!
Ho, Ho, Ho! Join Santa Joshy for a comfy Christmas house tour! Grab some cocoa and snuggle up as ya watch for full effect! ;) -CLICK FOR SOCIAL...
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The WEIRDEST Christmas Items in Stores! (2017)
While looking for new Christmas decor, I've run across quite a few WEIRD items. Naturally I had to share the craziness with all of you, enjoy!...
2017-12-02 6:24:16 PM ● 1,192 views ● 8:12 100.00% liked