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Good mornin-afternoo-vening! StefaNonsense is a gaming and geek culture channel where I talk - mainly - about indie games - generally RPGs and citybuilder/strategy games.

I like to promote good indie games, both videogames and tabletop varieties.

Many years ago I used to do mostly movie reviews, but that's something of an occasional thing now, although it might become a more constant thing in a different sort of format, soon :)

I've been playing games since the Spectrum ZX era and gaming has been part of my life since some of my first memories of conscious life. Gaming isn't simply a form of entertainment or a means of passing the time, it is a part of who I am.

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Operencia: The Stolen Sun | Gameplay Tomb of Reka Boss Fight
Operencia: The Stolen Sun is such a solid first person dungeon crawler, that I don't believe a single review video would do it justice, so I...
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Aggressors: Ancient Rome Review | Historical 4X Strategy (in which you can play as Dacians!!!)
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic First Impressions
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city builder tycoon game that tries to simulate the Soviet era. It's a particularly interesting...
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First Impressions
Apex Legends l Thoughts and Uber Beginner Tips
Uber beginner tips start here: 3:38 So here's a video that will be buried because it's about something popular however, I have been playing quite...
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NonsenseCast 12 | Meet my rig & Ryzen 5 1600 Unboxing
Ah, welcome-welcome, to a super special episode of NonsenseCast! This one's dedicated to my new Ryzen 5 1600 and to all of those of you out there...
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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Edition Review | Undoubtedly the best in the series for some
I was just as glad to return to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 as I was to go back to its predecessor, and thinking back, the last time I played...
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NonsenseCast 11 | Errementari The Blacksmith and the Devil
Errementari The Blacksmith and the Devil is part fairy tale, part fantasy horror - a retelling of a European fairy tale found in several cultures,...
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Robothorium Review | Cyberpunk Turn Based Dungeon Crawler
Robothorium is a cyberpunk-themed turn based dungeon crawler, in which you take the role of a sentient AI who controls a group of robots through...
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Dawn of War 2 & Chaos Rising Review | Basics of WH40K
In the grim darkness of today’s episode, I talk about Dawn of War 2 and its first expansion, Chaos Rising. Dawn of War 2 was my initiation...
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