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Good mornin-afternoo-vening! CNonsense is a gaming and geek culture channel where I talk - mainly - about indie games - generally RPGs and citybuilder/strategy games.

I like to promote good indie games, both videogames and tabletop varieties.

Many years ago I used to do mostly movie reviews, but that's something of an occasional thing now, although it might become a more constant thing in a different sort of format, soon :)

I've been playing games since the Spectrum ZX era and gaming has been part of my life since some of my first memories of conscious life. Gaming isn't simply a form of entertainment or a means of passing the time, it is a part of who I am.

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NonsenseCast 09 | Did you know about YouTube Restricted Mode?
This is the first NonsenseCast that is not entertainment-related and it's about something I think not many people are actually aware of: YouTube's...
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NonsenseCast 08 | Stranger Things Day 2018
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NonsenseCast 07 | A Romanian reviews Castlevania Season 1
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Labyrinth Gameplay Review | Hearthstone Alternative with cooler graphics
Labyrinth is basically a collectible card game, but in Labyrinth your deck of cards is meant to support your team of three heroes. The 3D models...
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
NonsenseCast 06 | Burt Reynolds tribute - Smokey and the Bandit
In this episode of NonsenseCast I talk a bit about the late, moustachioed great Burt Reynolds, through my perspective and one of his most well-known...
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Paper Dungeons Crawler Gameplay Review | Cool little casual roguelike
Paper Dungeons Crawler is a 2D roguelike dungeon crawler which features all the traditional characteristics of the genre: permadeath, turn-based...
2018-09-10 9:15:52 AM ● 268 views ● 30:17 100.00% liked
NonsenseCast 05 | Paradise PD - Super Troopers via Family Guy
In this week's NonsenseCast I suggest you avoid Paradise PD, unless you're really into Family Guy. #paradisepd #nonsensecast #netflix _ I also...
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Ancestors Legacy Skirmish Gameplay Review | Medieval RTS
Ancestor’s Legacy is medieval-inspired and set, historical real time strategy game that focuses on squad-based tactics. The game looks and...
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NonsenseCast 04 | Aggretsuko - Kawaii Death Metal
In this episode I dig into Aggretsuko, a new animated tv series on Netflix which features a red panda who works as an accountant by day, but...
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Top 7 Cool Video Game Swords
Swords. Are. Cool. Here’s my Top 7 Cool Video Game Swords. This is a list of gaming swords I think to be cool, for various reasons which I’ll...
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