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I make videos about games.

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TOP 5 NEW MMOs Coming in 2019!
Taking a look at the 5 best MMORPG's coming out this year. This time for real. I hope. SPOILER BELOW! Torchlight Frontiers Crowfall Ashes of...
2019-02-09 9:28:40 AM ● 96,476 views ● 10:11 92.06% liked
Why Is Everyone OBSESSED With Apex Legends? [THE FORCE FEED]
A new Battle Royale came out and everyone's in love with it, why? Also, more concerns over Anthem and the Metro Exodus drama continues. Merch...
2019-02-06 2:43:03 PM ● 244,339 views ● 9:13 92.27% liked
This Is Anthem End Game
An overview of the End Game content available in Anthem. Enjoy! Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being...
2019-02-01 8:57:57 AM ● 506,194 views ● 7:32 91.99% liked
Anthem's Demo Was A Disaster [THE FORCE FEED]
Anthem's demo had a long list of issues, and it's raising concerns for the launch of the game. Also, people love Resident Evil 2, and Metro Exodus...
2019-01-29 2:35:51 PM ● 175,693 views ● 8:23 89.11% liked
Is Anthem Any Good? My Honest First Impressions
I got to play a ton of Anthem at a recent EA event. Here are my thoughts and impressions so far. Thanks to EA for flying me out to check out...
2019-01-24 1:25:17 PM ● 674,848 views ● 11:19 88.65% liked
I Played The Worlds First VR MMORPG
Is this the future of gaming? Spent some time with OrbusVR. What a trip. OrbusVR is the first fully-realized MMORPG designed from the ground...
2019-01-18 1:52:53 PM ● 44,313 views ● 11:55 95.79% liked
Anthem - 10 Things You ABSOLUTELY Need To Know!
Here's everything you need to know about Anthem. You're welcome. Oh yes, the merch: Anthem...
2019-01-16 1:36:42 PM ● 455,572 views ● 10:23 93.80% liked
Should You Play Sea of Thieves in 2019?
Sea of Thieves has changed a lot in the past year, but is it worth playing? Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare...
2019-01-10 2:38:51 PM ● 267,026 views ● 8:39 95.62% liked
Back again checking out Malkyrs, this time I show you some next level intelligent gameplay. Thanks to Malkyrs for sponsoring this video, check...
2019-01-08 11:26:02 AM ● 16,818 views ● 8:22 81.86% liked
Science Says Playing Video Games Makes Your Brain Bigger
Study finds video game players have more gray matter, Valves new card game is in trouble, and Overwatch bans thousands of toxic players. This...
2019-01-04 12:36:46 PM ● 12,277 views ● 8:54 98.39% liked