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Welcome to my channel! I am a Terraria YouTuber that primarily posts videos on mods, mainly the Calamity Mod. If you're interested in Boss Guides or Let's plays then this is the place to be!

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Yharon, The Jungle Dragon! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 27 - Season 2||
In today's episode, we acquire major upgrades and before taking going up against the Post-Moon lord boss Yharon! In this series we play through...
2019-04-06 4:00:07 PM ● 4,890 views ● 30:01 99.53% liked
The Devourer of Gods! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 26 - Season 2||
Today we explore a few of the new changes in the most recent update before taking down Polterghast. Afterwards, we try our hand at one of the...
2019-03-21 7:30:00 PM ● 10,301 views ● 29:08 99.23% liked
Defeating the Sentinels of The Devourer! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 25 - Season 2||
In today's episode, we obtain some necessary upgrades before taking out the surprisingly strong Sentinels of The Devourer. In this series, we...
2019-03-10 8:00:04 PM ● 5,197 views ● 24:38 98.14% liked
Providence, The Profaned Goddess! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 24 - Season 2||
In today's episode, we take on the pretty hectic Providence fight along with obtaining a few necessary upgrades. In this series, we play through...
2019-03-01 7:30:00 PM ● 7,093 views ● 21:13 99.01% liked
Defeating Moon Lord & The Chicken Balls! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 23 - Season 2||
Today we start out with the Moon Lord fight in D-mode and obtain some strong new Melee weapons. Afterwards we take on the renowned Chicken Balls!...
2019-02-23 8:00:03 PM ● 5,029 views ● 24:09 99.43% liked
Ravager & Cultist Boss Battle D-Mode!Calamity Mod Melee ||Episode 22 - Season 2||
Today we take on the Ravager and the Cultist in D-Mode. Afterwards, we craft the Terratomere and test it out on the pillars. In this series,...
2019-02-15 7:30:00 PM ● 5,564 views ● 29:18 99.41% liked
PlagueBringer Goliath & Duke Fishron! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 21 - Season 2||
In today's episode, we try out the Duke Fishron and Plaguebringer fights in D-mode. In this series, we play through the Calamity D-mode with...
2019-02-05 7:30:00 PM ● 6,497 views ● 25:51 99.45% liked
Nebulash VS Golem in D-Mode! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 20 - Season 2||
In today's episode, I take on the surprisingly difficult Golem fight in D-mode using our newly acquired Nebulash weapon from Astrum Deus. In...
2019-01-31 7:00:00 PM ● 6,740 views ● 21:59 98.24% liked
New Astrum Aureus and Astrum Deus Boss Fights! Calamity Mod D-Mode Melee ||Episode 19 - Season 2||
Today I take on the crazy Astrum Aureus Boss for the first time and take out Astrum Deus afterward with the Melee Class. In this series, we play...
2019-01-26 8:00:02 PM ● 9,408 views ● 17:40 99.62% liked
Leviathan D-Mode Boss Battle! Calamity Mod ||Episode 18 - Season 2||
Today we try our hand at defeating the Leviathan with after obtaining a few upgrades to our armour and accessories. In this series, we play through...
2019-01-18 6:30:00 PM ● 6,870 views ● 27:23 98.97% liked