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About ExecutiveKrab

I upload Vinny/Jerma/Joel streams with chat.

I do not and will not monetize these videos. If there are ads, it's from copyrighted music which I will not remove (unless it blocks territories). Get uBlock Origin, it's great.
Chat should be legible on all devices if the quality is set to at least 720p.
"New" segments (any stream after March 12, 2020) have more legible chat and likely don't have a custom thumbnail. Older streams can be distinguished with lower-quality chat, and usually have a custom thumbnail.

I am not affiliated with Vinesauce or Jerma. I enjoy their content, and I believe that to enjoy their content to the fullest, chat must be alongside.

I post what I'm trying to upload in the Channel Discussion.
If you wish to inquire if I have a segment available from the past, please comment on the channel, and I'll respond as soon as possible. If I have it, I'll try to get to it within due time. The earliest segments I have are from October 2018.

Discord: ExecutiveKrab#6953

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