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I make game strategy videos and strategic Let's Plays with the goal of helping people get better at the games they enjoy. After all, who doesn't like to win?

I mostly play turn-based strategy games, as that's what I'm best at and those are easy games to give instruction on. Puzzle games, first-person shooters, co-op games, and other stuff may show up from time to time.

The inksplattery font I often use for my headers and title images is Requiem by Christopher Hansen, which can be found here:

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10 Plays Later: Kanban 03
Alise is a big nerd who loves spreadsheets, and she's keeping track of our scores here:
2018-08-12 6:40:55 PM ● 114 views ● 1:33:32 100.00% liked
Let's Play
SB Plays HITMAN 33 - The Surgeons
Maybe there's an art to just doing as I'm told. IO Interactive's HITMAN is the latest in their line of inventive murder puzzle/action games....
2018-08-11 9:42:28 PM ● 221 views ● 14:16 100.00% liked
SB Plays Endless Space 2: Supremacy 08 - Misconceptions
I don't know what the developers were thinking not making everything work exactly the way I initially guess that it will. Supremacy is the second...
2018-08-11 9:30:39 PM ● 1,234 views ● 58:04 100.00% liked
Here's hoping these golems don't have actual sentience. I'm going to feel terrible about all this if they do. Inferno is the latest expansion...
2018-08-10 10:00:00 AM ● 979 views ● 1:09:43 100.00% liked
Maybe if I'm a bit more careful I won't die three times per episode. Dead Cells is an action platformer where you slash, bludgeon, burn, freeze,...
2018-08-10 9:00:05 AM ● 364 views ● 1:11:31 94.12% liked
As for whether it's a GOOD plan, well.... Enter The Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelite about killing the past. Literally. Like actually shooting...
2018-08-10 8:00:03 AM ● 264 views ● 1:04:23 100.00% liked
Don't overthink them. Supremacy is the second expansion for Endless Space 2, the space 4X from Amplitude Studios. Play as space bird samurai,...
2018-08-10 3:08:31 AM ● 1,071 views ● 59:59 100.00% liked
Well, I know which one is better in real life.... Inferno is the latest expansion to Endless Legend, a fantastic fantasy/sci-fi 4X from Amplitude...
2018-08-10 2:12:15 AM ● 1,283 views ● 1:13:30 100.00% liked
Hey, there are a lot of cells in here. Dead Cells is an action platformer where you slash, bludgeon, burn, freeze, and shoot your way through...
2018-08-09 6:00:02 PM ● 628 views ● 1:30:35 100.00% liked
Don't worry, I heard your feedback: previous episodes weren't long enough. Let's see if we can do better! Enter The Gungeon is a bullet hell...
2018-08-09 5:01:13 PM ● 323 views ● 1:59:41 95.00% liked