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Hello! You've found Eurogamer's YouTube channel. Come on in, make yourself at home.

Eurogamer is the UK's leading independent gaming website, and this is where we make our videos. Join Aoife Wilson, Johnny Chiodini and Ian Higton for features, let's plays, serious discussion, less serious discussion and more.

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Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - IT'S-A ME IAN-O!
Wahoo! For today's Eurogamer stream, Ian Higton is going to be playing through the first 90 minutes of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe gameplay!...
2019-01-15 10:50:31 AM ● 4,658 views ● 1:32:01 98.10% liked
Megalith is an exciting VR MOBA that desperately needs more players  -  Ian's VR Corner
Megalith VR gameplay brings competent, competitive MOBA gameplay to PSVR. Check out how Ian gets on with Megalith gameplay PSVR and learn the...
2019-01-13 7:00:01 AM ● 9,042 views ● 23:47 94.66% liked
Megalith (2018)
9 Dark Souls Characters Who Frankly Deserved Better - Dark Souls Remastered Gameplay
The world of Dark Souls is a dark and gloomy place. It's no wonder that the residents of Lordran are a rather strange and often murderous bunch,...
2019-01-12 7:00:01 AM ● 10,543 views ● 14:04 98.61% liked
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Let's Play Lollipop Chainsaw - Late to the Party
Oh my god like, Johnny has never played Lollipop Chainsaw? How is that even a thing? So Aoife's gonna, like, show him? Hope he likes it? Subscribe...
2019-01-11 10:26:41 AM ● 12,552 views ● 1:31:01 96.76% liked
Let's Play
Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenge - THE FLOOR IS LAVA: HORSE EDITION
In this week's Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenge, the Video Team have a big problem. THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Which member of the team can mount...
2019-01-10 6:58:45 AM ● 8,904 views ● 21:19 97.11% liked
Everything you need to know about Sunless Skies
Thinking about boarding a locomotive and firing yourself off into space? We can't really blame you, but it's good to be prepared. Here's Johnny...
2019-01-09 10:30:00 AM ● 7,234 views ● 11:00 97.65% liked
Let's Play PUBG Zombies Mode - COME AND EAT OUR BRAINS!
Feeling a bit peckish? Then why not come join our live custom PUBG gameplay stream! We'll be trying to survive against as many of you lot as...
2019-01-08 11:02:37 AM ● 5,660 views ● 1:27:33 96.68% liked
Let's Play
Let's Play Hitman 2 Ghost Mode - AOIFE VS IAN!
It's the beginning of 2019 and no one is releasing any games yet so there's nothing new for the video team to cover! Step forward Hitman 2 Ghost...
2019-01-07 11:06:23 AM ● 11,110 views ● 1:28:13 97.82% liked
Let's Play
10 Things You Need to Know About Resident Evil 2 Remake if You Never Played the Original
#RE2Remake #ResidentEvil2 As pretty big Resident Evil fans, we're a little bit excited about the Resident Evil 2 Remake launching later this...
2019-01-05 7:00:05 AM ● 6,977 views ● 15:28 97.70% liked
Let's Play Duke Nukem Forever - Late to the Party
What does Duke Nukem say about a video in which two friends play his latest (and worst) game while taking the absolute mick out of it? MAKE IT...
2019-01-04 7:00:10 AM ● 13,605 views ● 1:00:25 97.12% liked
Duke Nukem Forever
Let's Play