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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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1.Japan まひとくん。ܤ112,902,183
2.United States TagBackTV49,225,240
3.Japan ころな Games46,610,762
4.United States Nintendo44,596,597
5.Japan 花江夏樹44,118,153
6.Japan コアラ's GAME SHOW43,684,234
7.Japan Nintendo 公式チャンネル41,533,212
8.Japan そらびび / soravv34,054,970
9.Japan くるみ32,475,900
10.Japan P丸様。のサブ31,200,917

Latest Let's Plays For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States ZackScottGamesTurkey Day with Franklin! Secret Ingredients! - Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Gameplay Part 1081:12:0824,325
1 day agoUnited States MissRileyLaneThanksgiving Day Event! Day 85 in Rosedale! Animal Crossing New Horizons Playthrough!♡1:43:17178
1 day ago Japancommercials4U2Animal Crossing: New Horizons Playthrough Part 1471:04:23664
2 days agoUnited States StormwindGamesAnimal Crossing: New Horizons - Playthrough Part 2515:405
2 days ago MystFroAnimal Crossing: New Horizons | Isabelle Plays (Turkey Day!)1:39:061,314
2 days agoUnited States MandyleePlaysMandyleePlays Animal Crossing New Horizons - Working on the Residential Area2:21:59158
3 days ago RandomRamDecorating My Town For Turkey Day | Let's Play #24 - Animal Crossing New Horizons (No Commentary)26:18245
3 days agoFrance KibishiiOMG! un INCROYABLE HABITANT aléatoire DÉBARQUE sur mon ILE ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS LET'S PLAY27:5817,895
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Billie Janecatching bones at home + highlighter sheep is here ~ Animal Crossing New Horizons: part 7212:046,797
5 days agoCanada SimplyPressStartRenovating LilyBelle - Let's Play: Animal Crossing New Horizons - Ep. 954:52:251,522
2020-11-20Germany DomtendoANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS 🏝️ #90: Meine Kürbisfarm24:3148,519
2020-11-20United States Brian Eck PlaysLet's Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Part 12 - Update47:578
2020-11-17United States TagBackTVMassive Fall Update Coming Soon! Lets Play Animal Crossing New Horizons1:11:0128,204
2020-11-17United Kingdom Gaming GrandpaAnimal Crossing New Horizons - I Got My First House & Helped The Wisp1:53:4193
2020-11-16Germany MatsurikaGamingAnimal Crossing: New Horizons [15] - Äxte und Bonbons | Stream-Mitschnitt mit Facecam3:30:358
2020-11-16United States TimPlaysAGame[LIVE] Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Visiting Islands (11/15/2020) | TPAG2:05:32123
2020-11-10United Kingdom 32bitBanditAnimal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Visits - LIVE - ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ3:31:50293
2020-11-06United States DK1gameslofi beats and remodeling my house - Animal Crossing: New Horizons - LIVE STREAM2:13:122,150
2020-11-01United Kingdom Charlotte & ZekeHalloween Fashion Show! | Let's Play Animal Crossing New Horizons EPISODE 33 Scarlotte and Shriek!19:3434
2020-10-31 Siana Crossingthe start of MUSH SEASON!!! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons—let's play)12:005,539
2020-10-31United States AgentOcelotAnimal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 40: Halloween17:3931
2020-10-31Australia Sarah GearyTrick or treat! - let's play | Animal Crossing New Horizons25:10127
2020-10-30New Zealand Bibi's WorldTHE CARNIVAL IS IN TOWN!! || Animal Crossing New Horizons Let's Play Part 0322:3420
2020-10-27United States crossinglifeAnimal Crossing: New Horizons // Draw With Me4:093,799
2020-10-26United States DSPGamingAnimal Crossing: New Horizons playthrough pt63 - Crickets, Crafting and Chill58:011,001

Latest Reviews For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-11-20Canada LakeyBakeAnimal Crossing: New Horizons - Reviewing the NEW Hairstyles and Character Reactions!6:06257
2020-11-03 ProtendoAnimal Crossing New Horizons | Halloween Review7:181,611
2020-10-31United Kingdom NeremikAnimal Crossing New Horizons is GREAT! But... | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review1:01:17179
2020-09-28United States liss the lassCluttered Urban Forest Themed 5 Star Island Review | Animal Crossing: New Horizons8:014,778
2020-08-27United States Renegade Media GroupRenegades React to @Girlfriend Reviews - Should Your Girlfriend Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?31:114,682
2020-08-14United States SteepAnimal Crossing New Horizons Plush Review - Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy Plush!8:43740
2020-08-04 Ken MahonOne Game at a Time #4: Animal Crossing: New Horizons review11:0183
2020-08-03United States Zap Night GamingZap Night - #067 - Animal Crossing New Horizons1:45:207
2020-07-31United States Everyday is MidnightAnimal Crossing New Horizons Review18:33202
2020-07-23United States The Zavinski StoriesAnimal Crossing: New Horizons | EZ64 Review8:098
2020-07-16South Africa Expresso ShowGame Review: Animal Crossing New Horizons - The Educational Benefits4:5274
2020-07-15United States TheBigOReviewWhy isn't Farley in Animal Crossing New Horizons?6:3411,820
2020-07-14United States Lord Fenton GamingAnimal Crossing New Horizons Review33:56250
2020-07-01Canada Cuartel NintendoLa GUÍA OFICIAL de Animal Crossing New Horizons! ¿Vale la Pena?11:302,240
2020-06-29United States 97Jonnyboy38) Animal Crossing: New Horizons Playthrough | Penis Review2:05:41119
2020-06-27 TheRetroReplayAnimal Crossing New Horizons Review11:07719
2020-06-18Germany Kartoffel KönigIHR KÖNNT DAS BEGLEITBUCH GEWINNEN - Animal Crossing New Horizons Buch Review deutsch11:435,363
2020-06-12United States SuperkenGamingAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Review [Switch]3:14206
2020-06-07Brazil Game Notes📝Por que jogar Animal Crossing New horizons em tempos de pandemia? Análise | GameNotes8:48349
2020-06-04 Common SenseAnimal Crossing: New Horizons: Game Review1:04624
2020-06-03 Workforce GamingAnimal Crossing New Horizons Review12:5826
2020-06-01United States Nude Clan Gaming Podcast#231 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review1:23:268
2020-06-01United States RubycarioA Slow Paced Collect-a-thon | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review11:48308
2020-05-28United States Pixel Per PixelAnimal Crossing New Horizons Full Review - Pixel Per Pixel23:5962
2020-05-27United Kingdom ADH GamingIt's been a while.. | Animal Crossing New Horizons2:23:43317