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Ryaquaza 1 is a YouTube channel which has more than 23.3 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling around 17.22 million views views across approximately 3.14 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@ryaquaza1571

About Ryaquaza 1

hello, and welcome to my new channel! (^u^)/

I mainly do Jurassic World Evolution videos atm but I do some other stuff sprinkled in as well.
Things have changed a lot from my original plans here, I was going to be a Pokemon tuber but the lack of recording methods, time and money shaped the way this channel is, but I have to say thank you to everyone here and all the support and I have hope you all enjoy my content to the fullest, regardless of who you are (because I know some people hate me, but idk I still hope you have a great day!) xx

Yes I know my name sounds like Rayquaza and my profile pic is a (shiny) Giratina but it’s Ryaquaza, it’s sort of an inside joke/nickname and my profile pic was a shiny Rayquaza for years but since that was before I got my channel this popular and start appearing commenting on other videos so I kinda get it. I probably shouldn’t have to say it here but I have to explain this a lot so I’ll just put this here.

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