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1.Germany Team Darkside191,458,313
2.Japan よしなま180,312,409
3.Japan 茶々茶(chachacha)150,425,788
4.United Kingdom Arekkz Gaming135,940,964
5. RageGamingVideos135,275,804
6.Japan タカティン112,750,341
7.Singapore NCHProductions99,660,635
8.Japan CapcomChannel86,840,608
9.Japan たきえい60,280,677
10.Japan ララ9hJQr3//3o59,936,226

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1. R璃紅稀桜O RiKoUKiO1,740
2.Japan 茶々茶(chachacha)1,578
3.Japan まーこ/Mahco.1,346
4.Japan はおー1,299
5. Xancile1,279
6. Jiro Fuwa1,274
7. DarkMariam1,255
8.Japan はくはな1,233
9. Games Day Seven1,210
10. RageGamingVideos1,210

Latest Let's Plays For Monster Hunter: World

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18 hours ago Two Birds With One GameWe finally beat the Noob allegations... | Monster Hunter World Co-Op43:3712
1 day ago Shario The ReaperSharioplays Live|MH: World| Part 4 (Your Flowered nightmare)4:03:542
1 day agoUnited States D THE CHEMISTLive PS4 Broadcast: JB and Dad DTC plays49:321
1 day ago TomHollandGrandeMonster Hunter World : Iceborne - PlayStation 547:390
1 day agoUnited States Khaiza_PlaysMonster Hunter World Full Playthrough pt. 18! BEATING THE KUSH!!27:021
2 days agoUnited States EmeraldPynkTime to Get Slimy | Monster Hunter World: Iceborne | Gunner Only, Pt. 1310:3640
2 days agoJapan Alpha Azur【モンハン:IB】ストーリーさいしゅなんじゃね【AlphaAzur】5:15:454,274
3 days agoGermany Dennis WölflSo starten Aufstände | Let's Play Monster Hunter: World #1461:12:194
2 days agoJapan メイカちゃんねる【モンスターハンター:ワールド】Part8 アイスボーンストーリーくりあか…?【歌衣メイカ・乾伸一郎・バーチャルゴリラ・AlphaAzur】0:0030,141
3 days agoUnited States NoukonNeko[Monster Hunter World] Speed Running to High Rank [#2]0:000
3 days agoPuerto Rico KydigadigThe Dragon of Ice | Monster Hunter: World #73:52:596
3 days agoUnited States gamelover 2002Let's Play Monster Hunter World Icebourne (MHW DLC's) Epi 21: A Bonding Inferno22:0916
4 days agoGermany BlackCooper96Monster Hunter World/Iceborn Lets Play Folge 43 [HD] [PS5] [Ger/Deutsch]56:505
4 days agoGermany BlackBeowolfmonLet's play Monster Hunter World #76| Wilde Gurke22:132
4 days agoPhilippines Zankapfel Dainsleif Ch.Highlight: #Zwordplays [MHW ICEBORNE / PC] Playing in the Guiding Lands6:30:002
4 days ago Olof PlaysOlof Plays Monster Hunter World - EP 35 - Viper Tobi I HATE You!3:23:227
5 days agoGermany VhyozzMonster Hunter World - 2 Noobs vs Grind - Wir brauchen Legiana Material! [GERMAN][LPT] #01838:430
6 days ago CrimsonHex101Moster Hunter World Part 1| actually going to playthrough the game this time1:45:382
2024-04-07 Grimrist BaselardMonster Hunter World Iceborne Playthrough #74 Capturing is harder when there's a Cluster of monsters54:396
2024-04-07United States Dacommish2K22 Comms and GamingMHW:ICEBORNE |STEAM| RTX 3070 | RETURN TO WORLD| Gunner 2023 Playthrough Finale -Fatalis (Attempt 2)49:3129
2024-04-07Canada TREE3301Day 20 Monster Hunter World Iceborne First Time Fatalis (Part 3)4:05:462,102
2024-04-07 runebearMonster Hunter: World Iceborne Playthrough 2024 Pt 52 Blazing Black Twilight (ALATREON)56:48176
2024-04-06 Kendra Bratton Fairy Vtuber(Vox's Cute Sweetheart)[MHW: Iceborne] Uh...Good Doggo...| Kendra Bratton Fairy VTuber #vtuberen6:41:01317
2024-04-06United States AlteredCalyx[Ep 8] Kushala Daora, Vaal Hazak, Teostra, and Xeno'jiiva! Duo w/ hubby! 🔸First Playthrough4:44:0829
2024-04-06United States Ishnai CiarfoxMonster Hunter World with @haruharutan - Hunting a newborn just out of the egg!5:03:570

Latest Reviews For Monster Hunter: World

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-04-01United States The Brothers Murph82 Board Game Reviews! 29 New Games! | Rapid Review April 20242:10:557,318
2024-03-31 EasyExplosionEASYEXPLOSION Reacts To "Monster Hunter: World "Review" | Extinction™️ | Colonialism™️"13:18145
2024-03-28 Q_Quicc⭕FIRST GREATSWORD RUN - KbM⭕MHW⭕3:03:5713
2024-03-21Colombia NullHunter GMRMonster Hunter World - Short Review - Vale la pena en 2024? - Conoce este increible juego RPG!8:58194
2024-03-12South Africa CodexMonster Hunter World is a masterpiece | Review12:4647
2024-03-06Indonesia Winter HuntWINTER HUNT SI PALING CINEMATIC TOY REVIEWER - PodCart17:05228
2024-03-03Spain Wild RushI tried 100 HOURS of MONSTER HUNTER WORLD in 2024, is it still WORTH IT?14:452,128
2024-03-03United States TCG EncyclopediaSTOP!! DON'T RUN AWAY GREAT JAGRAS, WHERE IS YOUR BIG APPETITE? WE NEED YOUR REVIEW【モンスターハンターワールド】0:11430
2024-02-17United States Dre the DreAmerConsole Veteran's Epic Journey in Monster Hunter World PC - Final Review (2024)10:2135
2024-02-10 Gamers TroveWhat To Do AFTER Finishing Monster Hunter: World - ROAD TO ALATREON11:35423
2024-02-06Canada Tabletop DuoNEW Monster Hunter Boardgame Expansions Announced!3:22358
2024-01-31Canada Jay LouiMoster Hunter been hearing great reviews so giving it a shot wish me luck it was a lot of fun1:08:341
2024-01-28Korea, Republic of TrailerToldOpen World RPG ≪The Elder Scrolls VI≫ Trailer Review by Game Developer Bethesda Game Studios5:23532
2024-01-27United States Papa CheddarMonster Hunter World Review: Furries, Crack and Simping13:122,983
2024-01-27 Neeko2loI Played 100 Hours of Monster Hunter World in 2024 So You Don't Have To25:251,963
2024-01-19United States KuhchuI Review Monster Hunter World3:4040
2024-01-17United States BestXRogueMonster Hunter World1:17:4612
2024-01-14 TheSuperSmash97Monster Hunter World Review11:50209
2024-01-13Germany Yokai NoxWhy Everyone Is Playing Monster Hunter World In 2024 ! | 6 YEARS AFTER RELEASE !6:115,428
2024-01-12United States MC Live[PC/OpenLobby] Playing Monster Hunter With Viewers2:55:5417
2024-01-10United Kingdom The Zeion ProjectArt Book Review Ep27 Monster Hunter World14:065
2024-01-09Indonesia razor boldPlayer baru Monster Hunter World review15:25187
2024-01-09United States A Short GingerI FINALLY Understand Monster Hunter World10:1113,755
2024-01-08United Kingdom LightItUpDanMonster Hunter World in 2024 - Quick Review of New Player Experience4:27769
2024-01-06 Roxy Xaviera Ch. 『 Monster Hunter World : Iceborne 』REVIEW KAMAR VIEWERS DI SELIANA3:01:45411