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1.United Kingdom Arekkz Gaming51,077,312
2. RageGamingVideos25,207,260
3. Monster Hunter24,782,537
4.United States TagBackTV15,073,122
5. IGN11,742,938
6.Japan gaijin hunter11,738,145
7.United States Rurikhan8,278,950
8.Hong Kong WillWill FunHouse7,971,685
9. Boss Fight Database6,713,495
10. MKIceAndFire5,979,400

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1.United States CatHordeGaming470
2. Jin Yuan424
3.United States Grahamtams377
4. Random Stuffs351
5.Brazil Bulldogames332
6.United States TagBackTV272
7.Canada Strikernofear260
8. RageGamingVideos256
9. Benedict Ng252
10. Corypheus251

Latest Let's Plays For Monster Hunter: World

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
4 days ago grugtarMonster Hunter World Let's Play: Ep 97 (Ruler of the Azure Skys : Azure Rathalos)20:399100.00%
5 days ago TheJeffAndDavidShowLet's Play Monster Hunter World - Part 16 - Into the Bowels of the Vale27:2720100.00%
2018-11-07United States DKT_GAMINGLet's Play Monster Hunter World2:05:58128100.00%
2018-11-07United States IKELLY DYDSThe Heart of the Nora - MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD™ (PlayStation®4*Pro)28:4369
2018-11-07United States DysphobiaLET'S FIGHT MONSTERS! - [LET'S PLAY ► Monster Hunter World | Part 2]36:4627100.00%
2018-11-07Germany SynLetoLet's Play Together: Monster Hunter World Part 35: Kaiserliche Flammenbrigade28:221
2018-11-06United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Monster Hunter World Hunting Ep1120:540
2018-11-05Canada Soapie PlaysThe Golden Queen | Soapie Plays: Monster Hunter World - KULVE TAROTH SIEGE50:590
2018-11-05 SteelaiRizelLet's Play Monster Hunter World World PC Part 28 : Kush Time It Is50:110
2018-11-04United States JayclassicsMonster Hunter: World Playthrough PART 522:311
2018-11-04United Kingdom NatashaPs4 - Natasha plays Monster Hunter World.59:041
2018-11-03United States Buto plays WhateverKulve Taroth!!! - Let's Play Monster Hunter World Ep. 2935:470
2018-11-02United Kingdom Flik's Gaming StuffFlik Plays Monster Hunter World on PC | Part 20 |1:38:5918888.89%
2018-11-02United States Dragon ApexMonster Hunter World: Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros - Apex Plays28:434
2018-11-02France Fynn TavvarFERAIS-JE UN BON CHASSEUR DE MONSTRES ?   (Monster Hunter World PC FR)21:12132100.00%
2018-11-02Germany Insert Disc 2MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD [#003] ► Let's Play | ID2 | PC | 50FPS | On the Hunt!32:151100.00%
2018-10-25 crazzycomradeMonster Hunter World Let's Play Part 23:09:370
2018-10-24United Kingdom Bathtub SirMonster Hunter: World | Let's Play - Livestream From The Tub (07)2:49:5992100.00%
2018-10-20Germany NekkoniaLet's Play Monster Hunter: World #27 Eine kollosale Aufgabe - Zorah Magdaros -32:152100.00%
2018-10-20Ireland PS4sos21Monster Hunter World Playstation 4 Gameplay6:33:0426100.00%
2018-10-18Philippines AngBata 11Monster Hunter World | "Undying Alpenglow" AT Zorah. First Encounter. gunSEXUAL19:54302100.00%
2018-10-18 Jin Yuan[Monster Hunter: World] Event Quest: Undying Alpenglow (Arch Tempered Zorah Magadros)25:2413
2018-10-18United States Kyle Blane PlaysLet's Play Monster Hunter World // Part 4 // Pukei-Pukei26:018
2018-10-18 punkvader77June plays...Monster hunter world9:173

Latest Reviews For Monster Hunter: World

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
1 day agoUnited States TheGameconomistLUNASTRA BETA - Armor Set Review | Monster Hunter World11:244,54297.66%
2018-10-30Bulgaria joXnkaКАКВО Е MONSTER HUNTER WORLD? [joXnka Quick Reviews]9:4127998.15%
2018-10-24Indonesia Hendy DGamerZTiba Di Dunia Baru | Monster Hunter World Indonesia #138:5747797.26%
2018-10-23 MangoMHFMonster Hunter World Tempered Black Diablos5:144
2018-10-18 RageGamingVideosArch Tempered Zora Magdaros is Best + Armor Review + Fight Alterations - Monster Hunter World! #mhw11:1643,05198.65%
2018-10-05Bulgaria Sh4d0wStriderMonster Hunter World - One Month Later Honest Review8:4219090.91%
2018-10-03United States DarkHero - Monster Hunter ContentNEW BEST ARMOR IN THE GAME?! Monster Hunter World - Lunastra Gamma Armor Review12:174,87389.02%
2018-10-03United States TagBackTVArch Tempered Lunastra Gamma Armor Review! Dope or Nope Monster Hunter World4:0013,58993.87%
2018-09-26 Game Rating ReviewGame Rating Review Weekly TWITCH Stream: Monster Hunter World #13 with Nick (09/26/18)42:170
2018-09-20Norway ParticularPixelsMonster Hunter World PC Review18:0716100.00%
2018-09-19United States VisualocityMaybe This Wasn't A Good Idea.. | Monster Hunter World (Funny Moments)8:47454100.00%
2018-09-18India NishantBharatMonster Hunter: World Review And System Requirements | Nishant Choudhary2:274100.00%
2018-09-11Greece LegacyOfKaiserMONSTER HUNTER WORLD REVIEW3:0112268.42%
2018-09-03United States Gilded ReviewsMonster Hunter: World - PC Review (September 2018)6:3454100.00%
2018-08-30United States Citizen GamerMonster Hunter World: Review & Tutorial43:5511650.00%
2018-08-28 Rectify GamingMonster Hunter World PC REVIEW!5:0336100.00%
2018-08-28United States NamtoxMonster Hunter World PC REVIEW!5:0333100.00%
2018-08-27France Real Actu Gaming🎮 Monster Hunter World - Review PC / PS4 / XBox One15:2263795.65%
2018-08-25United Kingdom SwitchUpMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate (XX) Nintendo Switch Review - BETTER THAN MONSTER HUNTER WORLD?12:5819,09089.05%
2018-08-21 Capsule ComputersMonster Hunter: World PC Review6:0179100.00%
2018-08-20United States LegundoFight Monsters With CATS!! -- Monster Hunter World PC Review7:14122100.00%
2018-08-19Ireland LemonUnderscoreMonster Hunter: World - The Monster Mash3:5616090.91%
2018-08-18 MMOByteMy First Day In MONSTER HUNTER WORLD PC - MHW 2018 First Impressions10:4325,65681.23%
2018-08-17United States HammyMonster Hunter World (PC) - Rathalos & Diablos! - Part 33:09:331,000100.00%
2018-08-17United States XGTVОБЗОР Monster Hunter World ПК | ПРЕЖДЕ ЧЕМ КУПИТЬ6:093,17093.53%