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After licking our wounds from the last episode we're back at the gates and this time we're angry. Besides, the Bugmaster may be an unhinged psychopath...
2018-07-16 7:00:01 AM ● 453 views ● 22:56 100.00% liked
Project Zomboid Ep03: Uncharted Territory
It's time to go back outside to find some more supplies so Robert is going to have to take his shirt off and man up! Hopefully we can find some...
2018-07-13 7:00:00 AM ● 238 views ● 28:58 96.43% liked
Kenshi S02E04: Dance of the Bugmaster
After clearing our first target, it's time to take it up a notch and test our skills against a bigger group of Okran's meat puppets...and maybe...
2018-07-11 7:00:03 AM ● 453 views ● 28:22 95.45% liked
Project Zomboid Ep02: Food
Miraculously we are still alive after our encounter in that garage so in lieu of death, we should probably patch ourselves up properly and go...
2018-07-09 7:00:02 AM ● 238 views ● 25:00 100.00% liked
It's time to put our battle plans to the test today as we make it out of the fog and set our sights on a Holy Nation mining colony... Thanks...
2018-07-06 7:00:00 AM ● 624 views ● 25:31 100.00% liked
Project Zomboid Ep01: Robert Martin
Today we get started on our brand new Project Zomboid series and things get interesting pretty fast. I'm still learning the amazing amount stuff...
2018-07-04 7:00:07 AM ● 655 views ● 23:59 100.00% liked
Kenshi S02E02: A Princely Sum
It's time to set our war machine in motion as we set off from Fat City towards Mongrel. It's a good opportunity to test the new guys out against...
2018-07-02 7:00:02 AM ● 1,105 views ● 24:50 100.00% liked
New Series: Project Zomboid?
I recently discovered that PZ has added vehicles and I think that now may be a good time to dive in and start up a new series! Let me know what...
2018-06-29 7:00:01 AM ● 253 views ● 4:14 100.00% liked
Kenshi S02E01: Preparation
We are taking a quick look at some changes in Fat City today and introducing some new faces. Then it's time to go over our first battle plans!...
2018-06-27 9:13:09 AM ● 1,576 views ● 18:07 99.15% liked
Kenshi: Get Ready to Rumble!
Thought I'd make a little video showing you guys what everyone is up to at Fat City before we get the ball rolling on the next season here. Details...
2018-06-25 7:00:04 AM ● 767 views ● 1:38 98.59% liked