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Nintendo Switch Has Highest 1st Year Install Base in Console History
Today marks a milestone event, as according to the NPD Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling console in history during it's 1st year...
2018-03-20 10:10:37 PM ● 817 views ● 6:54 98.73% liked
New Switch May Have 8gb of RAM, Banjo-Kazooie in Smash, Ubisoft is "Saved" | PRIME NEWS
Today's Prime News is a bit different without a working camera, but that doesn't mean the news isn't flowing. From a Nindies Direct today to...
2018-03-20 7:35:10 PM ● 987 views ● 15:47 97.14% liked
A Way Out Developer Excuse for no Switch Version is Ridiculous
Now look, there was next to zero chance A Way Out was not coming to Switch. There are probably a dozen legit reasons I can think of right now...
2018-03-19 8:30:19 PM ● 1,387 views ● 9:35 92.92% liked
Sonic Racing Announced, Dark Souls Switch Compared to Xbox 360 Ver. | PRIME NEWS
Sonic Racing is going to head our way soon enough, as SEGA releases a sweet teaser. We also learn about a new version of Sonic Mania. Dark Souls...
2018-03-19 12:47:51 PM ● 843 views ● 9:45 96.72% liked
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Nintendo Switch Has 1 Fatal Flaw That Should Have Never Existed
Nintendo's Switch platform is already quickly rising among my favorite gaming devices ever released. Yet here we sit in 2018 and there is still...
2018-03-16 7:46:16 PM ● 2,523 views ● 14:57 95.06% liked
Xbox Games Coming to Switch?, ARMS 2, & Toy-Con Garage | PRIME NEWS
Today we have a slew of very interesting stories. Microsoft is taking on cloud computing head on as it looks to offer a Netflix like service...
2018-03-15 2:23:02 PM ● 2,300 views ● 15:39 95.76% liked
Kirby Reviews Land & Street Date is Broken, 5.0 Switch Update Targets Hackers | PRIME NEWS
Kirby Star Allies is almost here but... for some of us we're holding it in our hands right now. Plus the true nature of Switch's 5.0.0 update...
2018-03-14 2:24:48 PM ● 1,300 views ● 16:45 93.67% liked
Switch's 5.0 Update Includes Mobile Twitter?, + Fortnite Speculation Ramps Up | PRIME NEWS
Nintendo Switch gets a hotly anticipated update... that completely underwhelms. However, did we forget to mention it unintentionally allows you...
2018-03-13 12:13:15 PM ● 1,180 views ● 14:25 94.12% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Nintendo Direct Discussion, + How Can Pokemon Win Us Back | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 55
On this week's episode of the Nintendo Prime Podcast, we explore nearly every single announcement and title shown at the Nintendo Direct and...
2018-03-12 11:28:12 PM ● 993 views ● 3:06:10 78.95% liked
Nintendo Direct Response, Switch Perfect for MMOs?, & Appreciating Our Fans | Prime Comments
We've seen a lot of "hate" over our response to the latest Nintendo Direct, and there is sure to be more heading our way with the podcast...
2018-03-11 2:22:55 PM ● 1,228 views ● 26:29 94.94% liked