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Octopath Traveler Sold Out at US Retailers, Impressive UK Debut
Ocotpath Traveler's sales continue to do crazy figures. Sure, the game has held the #1 sales spot on the Switch eShop in many territories since...
2018-07-16 10:58:36 AM ● 3,654 views ● 9:49 97.74% liked
Octopath Traveler is Selling Out in Japan... & My Local Area!
Is Octopath Traveler a success? It's sold out entirely in Japan within 48 hours and here locally, it's really hard to find a copy. Support us...
2018-07-14 10:44:12 AM ● 4,283 views ● 11:09 95.95% liked
[Rumor] Nintendo Direct This Month, Fallout 76 & Kingdom Hearts 3 on Switch!
Earnestly, I didn't wake up planning to cover this 4chan rumor about a Nintendo Direct this month. However, as Kevin Cassidy at GoNintendo pointed...
2018-07-13 9:11:09 AM ● 13,052 views ● 8:45 92.19% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
Octopath Traveler Could Get a Sequel, Adult Audience is Why It's on Switch
Octopath Traveler, which likely for most of you has just released on Nintendo Switch, very well might be getting a sequel. Also interestingly...
2018-07-12 10:32:56 PM ● 3,162 views ● 7:56 94.89% liked
Panic Button Has "Tons" of Switch Ports in the Works, System Has "No Weaknesses"
Panic Button has quickly become the leading Switch port company for third parties, with Rocket League, DOOM, Wolfenstein II, and the newly announced...
2018-07-12 8:52:37 PM ● 7,253 views ● 16:00 98.06% liked
Many Super Smash Bros. amiibo Are Coming Back for Ultimate
Did you miss out on Super Smash Bros. amiibo the first time around? Good news: Nintendo is bringing them back! Or some of them, at least, just...
2018-07-11 10:38:22 PM ● 330 views ● 5:51 92.31% liked
Yakuza Won't Be on Switch Due to Old Ports Failing on Wii U
I have never actually played the Yakuza series, but having seen many gameplay videos, it is certainly a series I was always interested in trying...
2018-07-11 1:40:11 PM ● 2,811 views ● 8:32 86.71% liked
How Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Fractured the Fanbase Before It Arrived
No game drives so much vitriol and defense force activation right now than Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, the latest main line core RPG...
2018-07-10 11:32:11 AM ● 2,906 views ● 18:18 83.23% liked
Pokemon Let's Go is A Lot Like Breath of the Wild
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are heavily criticized, yet to be released games on Nintendo Switch. Breath of the Wild was heavily praised...
2018-07-09 9:43:12 PM ● 1,414 views ● 15:59 65.41% liked
Switch Nears 5 Million in Japan, More Collabs Coming | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 72
This week Eric and Nate explore the recent sales success of Switch in Japan and why the stock is dropping, news about Switch's fall lineup, how...
2018-07-09 5:40:08 PM ● 1,158 views ● 55:46 100.00% liked